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Kenster is a serial Internet entrepreneur and is widely known as one of the top CPA marketers in the industry. He has also helped countless aspiring marketers get into and succeed in the Internet Marketing and affiliate marketing industry. Starting exclusively in the CPA marketing space in early 2008, Kenster has since grown his media company to include offline marketing and high-end consulting services in addition to a new digital media publishing business.

WSO Goldmine Part 1 of 3

By: Kenster

As most of you know, launching a digital product can be very lucrative. Launches seem to get bigger and bigger as sales funnels have become more advanced and as communities like JVNotifyPro have brought more and more partners together to promote these launches.

However, getting into the affiliate and product creation space can be difficult and daunting. Many of you may be starting out without a list and without any product experience so finding JV partners and affiliates may seem next to impossible. Well, in this write-up, I want to go over a great way to get your feet wet in this industry and make some nice money at the same time.

And if you already have experience in the product creation space, I still urge you to read this over as you may pick up a few nuggets to help boost your next launch and grow your list.

In this report, I will tell you how I used the WSO section at Warrior Forum to make some nice money and fast track my success in the product creation space. Even for successful product creators there are lots of ways to benefit from the WSO forum, so I hope everybody –new and experienced – enjoys this report. And if you think there isn’t big money to be made via WSOs, think again. There are people churning out mid five figure launches a few times per month!

What is a WSO

For those of you who aren’t familiar with WSOs yet, a WSO stands for Warrior Special Offer. Members of Warrior Forum can sell eBooks or other Internet marketing related products and services on a special sub-forum called the WSO forum. The two main rules are that the WSO must be a product you created yourself (can’t be PLR) and must be offered at a special discounted price (if it’s also being sold elsewhere).

To post in the forum, you must pay $40 to get the thread (sales letter is a thread) listed and $40 to “bump” your thread to the top. That may sound like a lot to post and bump a thread, but there is A LOT of traffic in the WSO forum and that means a lot of potential buyers. At the time of writing this, there are currently over 5,000 active people viewing the WSO forum! It’s not uncommon for an experienced seller to sell 100+ units in the first 30 minutes of going live.

There are many people netting over six figures in the WSO section alone (I know many people pulling mid five figures net per month) never mind the other benefits of creating WSOs that I will discuss in just a bit. Before we go over some of the benefits of using the WSO forum, let me briefly discuss my very first WSO ever…

How I did 50k Net

I had been doing CPA marketing for a while and often visited the CPA sub forum at Warrior Forum but never thought about releasing a WSO on CPA marketing. While I was literally sailing the Caribbean on vacation, I decided to write a report on how others can make money with some simple CPA marketing methods that I was doing. I came home, plopped it up on the sub forum and it ended up doing about $50,000 net. This remains my worst converting WSO to date! Keep in mind that this was WITHOUT A LIST and WITHOUT A SINGLE AFFILIATE…I was brand new at product creation and had no affiliate relationships yet and my list size was a big fat goose egg.

After my first WSO and a few other subsequent WSOs that year, I had built my list into the thousands, built a name and brand for myself, and made a nice chunk of change in the process.

Benefits of Running a WSO

Front End Money: Clearly there’s a lot of money that can be made on the front end of a WSO. Generally WSOs are sold at a very low price in the range of $10-$30, but if you sell 500 to 3,000 units, it can add up to some nice up front money. Some successful WSOs sell many thousands at a time.

List Building: This in my opinion is the most important benefit of running a WSO for newer marketers and people looking to get into the production creation space. For every one of my WSO’s, every single buyer is automatically added to my list. So long as you are selling a good product at good value, this ‘buyers list’ will prove to be incredibly valuable, particularly for promoting subsequent WSOs and other products you create. In my opinion, this is probably the easiest way to get those first few thousand subscribers on your list if you are new!

Some people even eat the $40 for the thread cost and “bump” costs and give out WSO’s for free through a squeeze page to build their list. Though it costs money upfront, this is a surefire way to build your list quickly.

Brand Building: Without naming people, a lot of the most recognizable names and gurus in the Internet Marketing space actually started out in the WSO section before moving onto bigger mainstream launches. I would also venture a guess and say that a majority of the biggest affiliates, product creators, and gurus in this space take a peek at Warrior Forum and the WSO section from time to time.

By creating quality WSOs you can create your own brand. So long as you are putting out quality content, people will begin to recognize your name/brand and you will get increased exposure. I have had many people come up to me at industry events and the only way they know of me is through my WSOs and presence at Warrior Forum. I created a brand around my name. In fact, I have built a few relationships with some pretty big players in the industry just from my WSOs.

So you can use the WSO section to start building your brand and becoming more recognized in Internet Marketing circles, which should prove beneficial when you do larger launches.

Affiliate Relationships: Similar to brand building, you will meet a lot of people as you launch WSO’s and these people may turn into future affiliate relationships when you do larger launches. Keep in mind that you can have affiliates promote your WSOs and you can also promote theirs. This goes on a lot and it’s a great way to build these affiliate relationships. I purposely opted not to have affiliates on my first WSO only because I wanted to see how far I could take the product without affiliates and without a list. Every single one of my subsequent WSOs has had numerous affiliates on board.

So the affiliate relationships you build will prove beneficial in the short term as a WSO seller, but also in the long term when you move onto bigger launches.

Much Easier Than Traditional Launch: WSOs are pretty easy to launch. Products are normally shorter/smaller, sales funnels are simpler, and there is very little technical knowhow needed. I have thought of a WSO idea and had it successfully launched from start to finish within a week. If you really wanted, you can churn these out pretty fast…and a lot of people do.

Testing Ground & Stats: The WSO section is also a great product testing ground if you are doing a traditional outside product launch. You can take that product and do a WSO to get initial feedback about the product to make sure it is ready for the major launch. You can also get statistics that you can then approach affiliates with when doing your launch.

If you go up to a potential affiliate and tell him or her you have a great product and they should promote it, they will be very doubtful because everybody says their product is the best. But if you have your WSO stats handy you can show them (EPC, conversion, etc.) then they will have a good idea how well your product will do and will be more likely to jump on board to push your launch.

The only downside to this is (1) you are revealing your product to the market before launch and (2) WSOs only tend to do well in the $FREE-$30 range so it’s not a good strategy for all products, such as high-ticket courses.

In part II of this series, I will go over a brief overview of the steps involved in launching a successful WSO.
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