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Writing Copy That Converts

By: Chris X

Writing copy that converts into sales is not as difficult as it sounds yet many vendors and affiliates are convinced it is an art form bestowed on only a chosen few. So here I’m going to dispel that myth by explaining how easy it really is to create great copy and how you can do it in a very short space of time.

The truth of it is that no matter how good your design or graphics are – if the copy is not well written then it will not convert period. In fact there are many sites out there which are plain unattractive and badly designed BUT because the copy is well written it does a fine job in converting readers into buyers.

This is because there are certain aspects that you must always include in your copywriting if want to make sales over and over again.

So let’s look at these a little more closely.

The first aspect you need to consider is your market and in order to write killer sales copy you need to understand your market thoroughly. Researching your market is your first step in the copy writing process so that you understand exactly who they are and what they are seeking. What are their frustrations and what solutions are they seeking. An excellent to find out this kind of information is by visiting forums in your niche to find out what people are buying and what they are saying. Are there products out there in the marketplace already selling the same thing as you are planning to do and if so how can you make yours different and/or better? Understanding your niche market is the first step in creating great sales copy because it means you will be able to identify with your reader and speak their language.

Additionally, knowing and understanding your market allows you to position yourself as an authority on the subject and makes it easier for you to attract other affiliates to promote your product if it is your own product that you are promoting.

If you have never written copy before you may find the whole idea of writing copy quite daunting but it needn’t be – in fact it’s far easier than you think. One quick and easy way to get into the swing of writing copy quickly is by leveraging off all the great copy that is already out there and that is already proven to convert.

There are many great pieces of copy out there so all you need to do is work out what the successful elements of a given piece of copy are. These might include the phrases, hooks and buzzwords that are being used and so you would respin and work them into your own copy – a practice common in successful copywriting circles. It’s important to note here that you should never copy anyone’s writing because that would be breaking copywriting laws but what I am saying is that you can learn from well written copy and use the same formulas in your own writing.

Ok so how do you find a great piece of copy?

Your first port of call is to check out the top performing products in your niche. A keyword search in ClickBank will return the top performing products in your niche. Next look through the sales pages of the top performing products. Examine the headlines that are being used – this is vitally important since the headline is the most important part of the sales copy. If you don’t grab the reader’s attention right at the start then they won’t bother to read the rest of your sales letter.

If you examine the headlines of the top performing products you’ll find they are compelling, intriguing and arouse the reader’s curiosity so that they will want to read on and find out more.

The sub headers within the copy act to keep the reader’s attention and pull them in with a taste of what’s to come if they read on.

You’ll also find that the body of the copy works to empathise with the reader. Showing that you identify with and understand their problems. Often a story is included that explains how the writer (you) experienced the same problems and the solution you discovered. If you can empathise with your reader you are in a very powerful position and this should be the main focus of the body of your copy. If you can empathise with your market and demonstrate that clearly in your writing your copy will convert time and time over without a doubt.

Finally, if there are other products out there offering the same then you absolutely need to get your message across as to why your product is better/different than other competing products. In other words your USP (unique selling point). Now this doesn’t have to be ground breaking. It can be as simple as price point that makes your product better value for money. Maybe it’s written in an easy to understand way such as a step-by-step guide (people love step-by-step). Maybe it’s the customer service you are prepared to offer or ongoing updates. Whatever it is that makes your product different you need to make this clear in your copy. Remember, if a buyer is seeking a particular type of product they will probably check out a few before they make a decision so make yours stand out from the crowd.

So here you have the core elements and starting point of writing great copy. Remember there is no point in reinventing the wheel - you simply need to find out what is currently working and adapt that to your own writing and niche. Once you have these core elements in place you will be able to create great copy quickly and easily and copy that converts into sales time and time again.

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