JV Invite Announcements - July 20, 2021 through August 31, 2021

Brett Ingram + Mo Latif - InstaDesignPro - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Launch Day: Tuesday, August 3rd 2021

277,000+ Units Sold. 83 #1 Best Sellers. InstaDesignPro Creates Stunning Visuals Handsfree. Earn Up To $555 Per Lead. $36.67 EPC. 30.58% F/E Conversions. 87.1% OTO Conversions. 50% Commissions. 5 Level-DEEP & HIGH Converting Funnel. Over $10,000 JV Contest & Cash Prizes & Much More HERE.

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Dr Patrick Gentempo + Jeff Hays - Revealed Films - Psychedelics Revealed - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Health & Fitness

Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, July 13th 2021
Launch Day: Tuesday, July 27th 2021

This critical mission reveals the clinical research (and massive potential benefits) of the growing psychedelic movement. Allowing viewers an alternative to the expensive and often ineffective mental health system. You Earn 50% on all digital and 40% on all physical products. Our Packages Range from $47 to $297. Just invite your audience to participate in the online FREE viewing. Affiliate Registration (link below):

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