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WSO Tips

By: Kenster · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

This is a video by JVNP 2.0 Featured Contributor and fellow JVNP Partner, Kenster, who is an active seller in the Warrior Forums’s WSO Marketplace.

In this video, Kenster will reveal a few of the many benefits of running a WSO and then go into some tips and tricks on how you can pull off a successful WSO launch.

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How To NOT Build JV Relationships

By: John Jonas · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

I've seen people make do so many things to turn off potential JV partners. Make sure you're not doing these 3 things when trying to build JV relationships.
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2 Types of VA's To Help You In Your Launch Business

By: John Jonas · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

Hiring 2 VA's with specific skill sets will dramatically increase your productivity at doing JV's. It will also make your launches easier, smoother, and more effective as they manage and run your website and customer service. The two VA's you need are someone who speaks great english, and someone who is a designer/programmer.
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How To Create A Successful Web Business -- 3 Steps To Online Success.

By: Chris Farrell · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

The biggest stumbling block that most suffer from when starting
online – is falling victim to the dreaded ‘Information Overload’ syndrome.
I clearly remember struggling with this very thing – when I began in 2008.

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The 7 Mistakes Internet Marketers Make in Doing Self Help JV Deals

By: Ric Thompson · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

Ric Thompson's thoughts on doing JV deals in the self-help industry.
Mistake 1: Big Names Must Have Big Lists.
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Clickbank Launch Success

By: Chris X · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

In this video, ClickBank marketer "Chris Day Job Killer" breaks down his top tips for successful launches. Chris has had five ClickBank #1s and made millions from the site, and this is the first time he's disclosed this info. Inside this video, he covers a range of topics including how to lock in the most jv support and traffic for your launch, how to ensure your copy converts, and a special "bonus" section on extra tips and tricks (you probably won't have thought of this stuff before!)
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There's Only 2 Factors That Matter

By: Chris Freville · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

With over 100 different ways to make money online, many marketers are surprised to learn there are only 2 factors that matter. In fact, these are the ONLY 2 factors which can affect your income. You will not make a single penny online unless you have these 2 very important factors.

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Niche Marketing Isn't Dead

By: Michael Rasmussen · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

Here’s a secret very few people will let you in on…niche marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s never been stronger. That’s why ClickBank is thriving. If you can find a niche hungry for a digital information product, you still can create a nice income stream for yourself.

Actually, the market is even better today, because most niches now have micro-niches that let you laser target your product. (read more)

Product Creation

By: Chris X · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

There are many ways you can create your own product. The most obvious and probably quickest way is to outsource it for someone else to write. The problem with this however is that the writer of the product will most certainly not understand the niche fully and even if you provide a list of topics that you want your product to include, unless your chosen writer is an expert in that niche or even well-versed in it you will probably have to do a lot of re-writing or editing yourself. That said, if you are short on time and don’t mind the editing this is a perfectly good way of getting your product created in a relatively short time.
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WSO Goldmine Part 1 of 3

By: Kenster · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

The first part of this three part series explores what a WSO is and the many benefits of being a WSO seller. Not only is it possible to make a substantial income through WSOs, but it’s also a great way to build a list, build a reputation, and get your feet wet in the product creation space. If you are completely new and don’t have a list yet and don’t have affiliates, going the WSO route can be the easiest way to get ahead in this industry.

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How to Prepare for a Successful ClickBank Product Launch

By: Adrian Ling · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

I'm sure you've seen (as well as read about it) - how high-powered dedicated servers melted during mega product launches - especially if the big gun gurus are involved.

Some may think it is just a "ploy" to get people all worked up or "social proof" - but it (server meltdown) do happen, and WILL happen if you are not prepared.
This article will give you some ideas on how to "bullet proof" your next product launch in ClickBank to minimize this risk... (read more)

The Art of Affiliate Marketing

By: Shawn Casey · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

Becoming successful with affiliate marketing is usually not something that happens instantly. With affiliate marketing, there is a slight learning curve that many people who choose this business model fail to master. It's more than just slapping up ads on your blog or website or sending people to a sales page. If you want true success, you will find the tips below effective.
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4 Secrets To Create Successful Joint Venture Deals

By: Dr. Mani · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

Everyone who has heard about them knows that joint venture deals are the fastest, easiest and most effective way to build a business and boost profits.

That is because you are leveraging the established trust and reputation that your joint venture partner has built with his or her audience.
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JV/Affiliate Swipes - What to do...

By: Bryant Jones · Featured Articles · Self Help

In my launch/consulting business I am often asked by clients what to do about JV/Affiliate swipe copy. They ask these questions... 1. Should we write email/Facebook/blog post/tweets for our JVs/Affiliates? 2. How many swipes should we write? 3. What if we have partners with different list focus? 4. How should we deliver the swipes? 5. What else should we do for JVs/Affiliates?
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Mind Movies Training

By: Glen Ledwell · Featured Articles · Self Help

Mindmovies.com CEO Glen Ledwell and JV manager Emma Main reflect on the days when Mind Movies was just starting out and explain how they've created a strong, recognized brand within the online Personal Development world and how you can apply the same principles to your business.

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JV Invite Announcements - December 20, 2016 through January 31, 2017

Anthony Morrison - Fan Page Domination - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, April 10th 2017
Launch Day: Tuesday, April 18th 2017

We’ve Cracked the Code to Getting Fan Pages to go Viral ... The Biggest Launch of my Marketing Career! HUGE Commissions ($798.80 Per Sale)! $50K Sales Contest - $20K Leads Contest - $100K in Total Launch Contest Prizes! Anthony Morrison's Affiliate Registration Page (MobileOptin) Link Below:

(JV Invite Page)

Aidan Booth + Steve Clayton - 100K Factory Revolution - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Pre-Launch Begins: Wednesday, February 22nd 2017
Launch Day: Tuesday, February 28th 2017

$200,000 prize pool. $2/lead in prelaunch. $1,248/sale commissions. ‘100k Factory: REVOLUTION’ is the latest iteration of the record breaking $9MM launch from April 2016. Get ready for your biggest affiliate payday of 2017! JV prizes, swipes & more details here (JV page link below):

(JV Invite Page)

Sonia Ricotti - Unsinkable - Bounce Back Big In 2017 - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Self Help

Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, January 17th 2017
Launch Day: Wednesday, January 25th 2017

Get ready to participate in another PHENOMENAL Unsinkable Launch that will offer your mailing list something of GREAT VALUE (for Free!) that will help them BOUNCE BACK in a BIG way and make 2017 their best year ever! Plus ... Make YOU a Ton of Commission! Check out the JV Page for all the launch details (link below):

(JV Invite Page)

Ben Martin + Anji Long - Castaway Commissions - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Launch Day: Tuesday, January 24th 2017

Ben Martin is going to make you a ton of easy moo-lah here - 100% commissions on the entire funnel of the "Castaway Commissions" launch as well as over $2000 in cash prizes. Goes live Tuesday 24th January, get started here (JV page link below):

(JV Invite Page)

Karthik Ramani + Chad Nicely - EverLesson 2.0 - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Pre-Launch Begins: Sunday, January 15th 2017
Launch Day: Monday, January 23rd 2017

Over a million dollars in sales the first time, and over 300 testimonials already accounted for. EverLesson is the most powerful membership platform, with over $2394 per sale, recurring revenue and 20k up for grabs! You're customers will LOVE this platform and community. JV Page (link below):

(JV Invite Page)

Adrian Morrison - eCom Success Academy 2017 - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Pre-Launch Begins: Thursday, January 12th 2017
Launch Day: Thursday, January 19th 2017

Last year's ESA launch grossed over $10MM in sales ... and we think the 2017 version will do even better! The training has been updated and new amazing bonuses have been added. We negotiated an "exclusive" agreement that ONLY ESA students will be able to take advantage of for the next 3 years. You're going to want to promote this (JV page link below)!:

(JV Invite Page)

Chris X + Ken O - Zen Titan - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Launch Day: Tuesday, January 17th 2017

The Day Job Killer Team + YOU + Amazon + YouTube = 200% JVZoo Commissions! 100-200% Commissions! Earn Up To $240 Per Sale! Amazon Affiliate & YouTube are HOT! 4 In 1 Software! Give your customers a $1K product for a fraction of the cost! JV Page (link below):

(JV Invite Page)

Leah Butler-Smith, Ruari Fairbairns + Andy Ramage - One Year No Beer - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Health & Fitness

Pre-Launch Begins: Sunday, January 8th 2017
Launch Day: Monday, January 16th 2017
Discuss This Launch In The JV Forum

This is your chance to make up to £150+ ($185) per customer and help change lives with One Year No Beer – a unique PROVEN health and wellness program vetted by researchers, the University of Stirling, endorsed by TV celebrity Ollie Ollerton, backed by Bluebird publishers & sponsored by Seedlip world first alcohol free spirit producers! JV Page (link below):

(JV Invite Page)

Patric Chan - CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Launch Day: Sunday, January 15th 2017

The #1 Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Product Will be RE-LAUNCHING On 15th January! Previous versions have been promoted successfully by Matt Bacak, Anik Singal, Ewen Chia, Chris Carpenter, Paul Counts and many others. Countless newbies have made their first sales using this system ... and many experienced marketers depend on it to make passive Income for themselves. Visit the JV Page now…

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Michael Baptiste - High Ticket Freedom Masterguide - JV Invite

Premium VIP JV Announcements · Internet Business & Marketing

Launch Day: Wednesday, December 21st 2016

ATTENTION JV'S: Make Up To $105 Per Sale With This High Ticket Business Blueprint. Sign Up To Promote A Program That Has Helped Produce More Than $100K+ In Client Results & Success Stories. Why Should You Promote High Ticket Freedom? - Awesome, Proven Product - High Quality Sales Funnel - JV Reciprocation - Instant Commissions - ... & More! Complete Launch Details (JV Page Link Below):

(JV Invite Page)

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