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Product Creation

By: Chris X

There are many ways you can create your own product.  The most obvious and probably quickest way is to outsource it for someone else to write. The problem with this however is that the writer of the product will most certainly not understand the niche fully and even if you provide a list of topics that you want your product to include, unless your chosen writer is an expert in that niche or even well-versed in it you will probably have to do a lot of re-writing or editing yourself. That said, if you are short on time and don’t mind the editing this is a perfectly good way of getting your product created in a relatively short time.

A good place to outsource your product creation is somewhere like http://www.elance.com – it is very affordable and has writers that will meet almost all budgets.

All you need to do is provide a description of the work you require. Elance writers will then bid for the project and then you make your selection of your chosen writer.

The other way to get your product created is to find an expert in your niche and get them to create it with you or for you. This is commonly referred to as a joint venture partnership. Of course you will have to agree a percentage of the profits that will go to them creating the product. However, when you are first starting out this may appear to daunting or may just not know anyone else at this time who is an expert in your niche.

Finally, you can of course create the product yourself. This is often the best way since you understand and know how you want to position your product and what it needs to deliver. Plus you have full control over all the content contained within the product.

The thought of creating your own product may at first fill you with dread especially if you don’t like writing, however, it doesn’t have to be daunting if you follow the steps below:

First you will need to arm yourself with 3 or 4 ebooks devoted to your niche as well as referencing plenty of articles so that you get a broad and balanced overview of likely content you are going to include in your product.

Next sit down and take some time to plan to map out the sections you want to write about and plan a table of contents for the order that they will appear in your product info.

Under each section make a list of bullet points for all the things you are going to discuss in that section. Ideally, you will have 5 – 10 bullet points for each section.

Next, borrow or buy a cheap microphone you can use on your pc. Then sit down and go through each section taking each bullet point in turn and recording yourself talking about that particular point in more detail.

Do this for each of the bullet points in each section.

If you have planned and thought through the bullet points in each section it should be easy enough for you to talk around each point.

Next, take your recording and send it off to a transcriptionist to type it up – there will of course be a cost for this but you can get it done quite cheaply again at somewhere like Elance http://www.elance.com. Once you receive it back you can then edit and tweak it to your liking. 

You will need to convert your document to a pdf file so that it can be downloaded by customers after they have made their purchase.

The preferred choice of formats for info products is in “PDF” format. There are several reasons why PDF’s are so popular – they can be read from any PC or MAC anywhere in the world, they have a very neat look and they are very easy to create. Aside from this they are secure and your document will look the same in PDF as it did in your Word document – all the characters/fonts and even graphics are actually embedded into the created PDF file so there are no further adjustments that you need to make.

For a free resource to convert documents to pdf files go to:


This is by far the easiest and quickest way for you to create your product without it costing you a fortune to produce. Plus by creating your product this way you get to keep all the profits.

Also, bear in mind when creating your product – it doesn’t have to be a 100 page epic. The content is what is important so you should aim for quality of content rather than fluff and filler – the only exception to this is for complete newbies when they will need every single thing explained in detail for them.

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