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Shawn Casey

Since 1999, Shawn Casey has sold over $30 million of his premier media products, services and memberships that help entrepreneurs to start and grow their Internet businesses. He is the founder and CEO of Mining Gold Corporation - a leading provider of premier media products, resources and tools to Internet entrepreneurs. Shawn is also a principal owner of 11 other companies involved in Internet ventures. Learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing at www.shawncasey.com.

Internet Marketing and Business

The Art of Affiliate Marketing

By: Shawn Casey · Featured Articles · Internet Marketing & Business

Becoming successful with affiliate marketing is usually not something that happens instantly. With affiliate marketing, there is a slight learning curve that many people who choose this business model fail to master. It's more than just slapping up ads on your blog or website or sending people to a sales page. If you want true success, you will find the tips below effective.
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