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There's Only 2 Factors That Matter!

By: Chris Freville

If you want to make money online then I insist there are only 2 factors which make a difference to your bottom line. In fact your level of success is directly proportional to these 2 factors:

Traffic x Conversions = Dollars

There may be over a hundred different ways to make money online including social media, pay per click, list building, joint ventures, video marketing and persuasive copywriting to name but just a few, but when you break it all down it still comes down to these 2 factors and only these.

Social media & pay per click provide instant traffic.

List building & joint ventures provide future traffic.

Video marketing & persuasive copywriting directly affect your conversions.

Traffic and Conversions are equally important... Being strong in one but weak in the other will not bring you success either. Imagine having a great converting sales video but no one ever sees it because you cannot get the JV partners (traffic).

Or, imagine having all your JV partners sending you thousands of visitors but no-one is buying because your sales video tanks.

I've seen many marketers struggle because they weren't strong in both departments. This can be even more frustrating particularly if you are strong in either one of these but not the other.

When preparing for a launch it always amazes me how many marketers spend weeks and weeks developing and perfecting their product but not giving enough time to either building relationships with future JV partners (traffic) or testing and tweaking their sales page before they launch (conversions).

There is a solution... Know your numbers!

The great thing about internet marketing compared with many other businesses is that's it so easy to crunch your numbers and see where your weaknesses lie. For traffic, tools like Google Analytics will tell you precisely how many visitors you're getting and where they're being referred from. You can measure conversions, with tools like Visual Website Optimizer which allows you to do simple A/B split tests to compare one page with another.

But the truth is, too many marketers don't know their numbers and therefore they're leaving piles of cash on the table. Building your own Internet Marketing Empire is a numbers game and with the plethora of tools available today (both free and paid) there are simply no excuses for not knowing your numbers.

As the saying goes... You can't manage what you can't measure. So, focus on where the money is coming from... and get to know your numbers!

Chris Freville


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