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Thread: Who Makes Your Videos?

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    Who Makes Your Videos?

    I am about 80% done developing my landing page software that will be sold on Clickbank and I want to do a nice sales video. I speak to fast so I can not do this myself so does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a video creator vendor to do this for me.

    I looked at the typical Fiverr.com and in the Warrior Forum under Classifieds but these all seem to be small time guys trying to make a few bucks....

    I want someone who has created videos for some the the larger Clickbank/JvZoo products out there....

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi, Ryan.

    I reached out to members of the JVNP FB Group with your question and received the following from fellow JVNP Partner Cyril Maithily Gupta.

    "James Carter is a great guy to do this. Also Dinesh Taunk Satyajeet Hattangadi if you want a more explainer like video"

    Anyone else you'd recommend, Folks?


    Mike Sr

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    Hi Ryan, I just joined the group and saw the post. Our team may be able to help. My business videorankingteam.com specializes in ranking videos on YouTube and Google but we do also produce videos for clients. Feel free to PM me or email me mark (at) markjenningsbates.com

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