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Thread: Mexican living in Switzerland

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    Cool Mexican living in Switzerland

    Hello everybody, I have two names Erick and Christian but I like more Erick.... I think is short and easy to say.

    Well, four years ago I started trying to make money online, basically I have tried almost everything and it took me two years to find the right way.

    I am from Mexico and when I started trying to make money online I was in college. When finished the college I was already making good money and I decided to live in a better place. I mean I love Mexico city and I lived all my life there but now there are a lot of population and all the time there is a lot of traffic in the streets... so, I decided to come to Switzerland, I have been living here in St Gallen, Switzerland for 2 years and all my work is at home thanks to the internet. Now I am able to speak the language and I will probably start to build business in German.

    Anyway, the case is that now I live in Switzerland and I work at home because I can. So, if you are starting with the internet like a business, my advice is that you need to have patience and you need to educate yourself. I have bought and read a lot of IM, blogging and SEO programs. And I am still doing it. This business is like to study medicine, you need to update your information constantly.

    I am always trying to build good business relationships, Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

    By the way, this week the second version of my product will be launched Erick Trejo - Internet Billion Dollars - JV Invite

    See you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Erick Trejo
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    Thanks for finally posting an intro, Erick ...

    I'm looking forward to reading your content contributions, as the level you've achieved is a difficult and important one (from newbie to making consistent income while working solely from home).

    Feel free to share some of what you learned that helped get you 'over the hump' from part time newbie to full time work at home professional.


    Mike Sr

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