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Thread: Preparing for my launch

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    Preparing for my launch

    Hello everyone. I just upgraded my membership here and I'm looking forward to exploring this site over the next few days in depth.

    I have been studying all of your launches for over a year, and a few months ago I set off to develop my own product. I am very happy with how it turned out and I am putting the finishing touches on it before we launch it on clickbank. I'm here to read up on firsthand tips and advice to make sure my launch goes smoothly as well as to pick up a few launch partners who will may be interested in promoting my offer.

    I have been developing websites for over 16 years, but only started getting involved in the internet marketing aspects of it in the last few years. I recently had success building a network marketing company team of over 2000 reps in about a month, and I am now looking to leverage this experience to roll out unique and innovative tools and training products to my team and the internet marketing community.

    Feel free to msg me anytime.

    -Vincent Webb

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    Hey, Vincent ... I'm sure you'll have NP carrying your success over to the IM niche, and others, as long as you have clearly defined goals and a game plan to carry them out. Seems you're well on your way ..

    Be sure to get your launch posted in the JV Forum utilizing the JVNW JV Offer Wizard, and let me know when you're ready to use your free JVNW Calendar listing credit to get it up on the JVNW Launch Calendar. You want to give yourself 30 days or more exposure prior to launch for optimal results.


    Mike Sr

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