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Thread: A Simple Introduction

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    A Simple Introduction


    My name is Isaac Guest. I have only been involved with internet marketing for less then a year. So by all sets and measures I am a complete newb. My previous work experience is about as far away from IM as one could get. For the last decade I have spent most of my time doing different forms of construction. From residential up to commercial. I have also done some commercial fishing out of Madeira Beach, FL.

    My first experience with IM was with an auto quote site with marketing offers from Commission Junction. Like many IM "virgins", I jumped in the deep end of the pool without learning how to swim. I was recently involved in an accident that leaves me with about six months of time to hopefully come to a full physical recovery.

    I have a determined belief that even when doors are slammed closed, there is always another door opening. With the construction and fishing door slamming in front of me, it has opened the door to me exploring IM in a much fuller sense. Since then I have been reading, researching, question, rinse, wash, and repeating that very process.

    At this time I am not interested in joining any JV offers, but felt from my cursory glance that this site could help me along in my efforts to be able to run a good fundamentally sound home business. I hope, as time marches ever forward, to be able to contribute value to the forums. That and to also get involved in some projects once I feel that I have enough value to contribute enough to make a JV completely win-win-win.

    I know it was a long introduction, surely a bit on the long winded side. Perhaps in the long run that will aid me in article marketing.

    Hope all have a good week.

    Isaac Guest

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    Isaac, it's sounds like you have the right attitude for one in your current position. Stay focused, my friend.

    ... and welcome to JVNP 2.0.


    Mike Sr

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