We've got an exclusive JV Invite from Fellow JV Notify
Pro Partner Jay 'SpeedPPC' Stockwell (PPCLoophole/
SpeedPPC V4 JV), Buzz Builders (Michael Jones - The
Affiliate Code Launch, Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones -
Auto Profit Launcher Prelaunch) and More ... in Today's
Performance Enhanced PPC edition.

- Mike

Jay Stockwell - PPCLoophole/SpeedPPC V4 JV Invite
Pre-launch Begins - TBA
Launch Day Is - Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Hi, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner.

Just wanted to quickly connect to let you know about
something you'll probably want to be involved with ...

It's from Jay Stockwell, the guy who many say changed
how PPC campaign building was done with his patent
pending SpeedPPC product.

He's again put together something pretty revolutionary ...

Jay is combining the release of the latest evolution of
SpeedPPC with training on a methodology called "Pivot
Theory" that has helped grow their business into a multi-
million dollar entity.

So the product will have two parts bundled together.

The theory part which is their never seen before "Pivot
Theory" and the toolset (which is SpeedPPC V4) to
execute this practically.

They demonstrate how using Pivot Theory and SpeedPPC,
people can make 3 small pivot improvements plus apply
the profit multiplier and take an example $30 a day
website and turn it into a $467,200 a year business in a
couple of fairly simple steps.

In their original SpeedPPC launch, the earnings per click
for some affiliates was close to $10. So for every 100
visitors that they sent, they were earning close to $1000.

They trust they'll see something similar if not better in
this launch.

They're paying 50% commissions after credit card
processing fees (4%) on the core product 30% the
Business Turning Point upsell with recurring payments

So you get $238.56 per sale on PPCLoophole and $13.54
a month on Business Turning Point for as long as they
stay subscribed.

Check out all the details here:



Mike For Jay and The PPCLoophole/SpeedPPC V4 Team


Buzz Builders

Michael Jones - The Affiliate Code JV
Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, November 17th 2009

The Affiliate Code is the holy grail of affiliate marketing.

For the first time ever I'm revealing my simple system
for bringing in MASSIVE affiliate sales from totally free
traffic. And it works from day one, with no further

I've been making about $65k a month from this since I
put it together, and your list will love you for pointing
them at it.

It's probably the best way for the regular guy to get
started with marketing and make money instantly,
with no outlay.

TAC is the follow up the The Clickbank Code, and
it's been put together by the same team.

In case you don't know, The Clickbank Code was #1
in CB for ten weeks straight, and has been in the top 3
since launch date - way back in May.

It converted at up to 15% for some people, and a lot
of guys made a lot of money...

... and you can expect exactly the same here.

If you want in, visit the signup page right now ...


Emil Paz - PPC Bully 2+ JV Invite
Pre-Launch Began Tuesday, November 10th
Launch Date: Wednesday, November 18th 2009

PPC Bully's tools set new standards in the industry.
Our previous launch raked in 2.2 million dollars,
and over $800,000 was paid as commission to our

This upcoming launch will include a FREE front-end
product (= high conversions) with a continuity program
that will offer members access to the wide range of
the PPC Bully tools and training.

We're also be using Clickbank's new "private affiliate program",
which means 2 things... 1) You'll get your commission from
clickbank on a weekly or bi-weekly manner, and
2) Your referrals will NOT be able to buy from their own
clickbank affiliate link unless they were pre-approved by us.

So, what do we have here...?

* a free front-end product with high conversion
* a continuity program with recurring commissions
* a private affiliate program that guarantees your commissions
* your affiliate id gets hard-coded in our system
* and the PPC Bully brand and team...


Gary McGeown - The Millionaire Money System JV
Pre-Launch Began Wednesday, November 11th 2009
Launch Date: Thursday, November 19th 2009

The Millionaire Money System is exactly what The Market is
looking for right now. You know where I'm coming from with

How many supercool new tools to beat Google can you sell each

Well this product is different, its what The Market is looking for
and Its going to sell like heck.

*Big Names, Credibility, Variety and Excitement SELLS
This upcoming launch will include a discounted trial front
-end product (= high conversions) with a continuity program
that will offer members access continuing on their path to
Achieving RESULTS!

Just for your notes, interest in this product has been huge and
we're expecting slots to fill early. Andrew Fox, Chris Day Job
Killer and Matt Bacak are just some of the names that have
climbed onboard already.

You'd rather ride the wave than be crushed by it - right?

Get on board here ...


Mike G Hersh - Affiliate Kung Fu JV Invite
Pre-Launch Began Monday, 16th November 2009
Launch Date: Monday, 23rd November 2009 12:00 GMT

The Affiliate Kung Fu is built from 26 videos and 4 bonus
videos, or 7 modules with a bonus module if you will.

In this video series, I'm covering everything there is to
know about affiliate marketing and how to go from 0
sales to at least 10-12sales a day in record time.

In those highly detailed videos I'm taking the viewer to
a fast journey where they can learn how to finally become
successful online.

If you want the best of the best for your subscriber, and
you want almost zero refunds on your part, than this
launch is perfect for you.

People who tried the system already made money with it
on the first few days they implemented the system.

I got a lot of testimonials from people who ordered the
system and they will soon added to the sales page to
make people more confident with their purchase ...


Vince Tan and Ian Del Carmen - Biggest Firesale 2 JV
Pre-Launch Began Tuesday, November 10th
Launch Date: Monday, November 23rd 2009

Vince Tan and Ian Del Carmen here with an exclusive
private invitation to be part of the biggest firesale in
Internet Marketing history. It will go live on 23rd

BiggestFiresale 1 was a huge success last year! Over
$180,000 in 10 days. Round 2 this time will be MUCH
LARGER and YOU will get to reap the reward!

And guess what, you will get rewarded for all the
follow up offer that are sent to the customers over

Prelaunch : 10th November 2009
Launch : 23rd November 2009

What's In It For You ...


Mark Ling- Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition JV Invite
Pre-Launch Began Wednesday, November 11th 2009
Launch Date: Tuesday, November 24th 2009

This month Affilorama will be launching one of our best
products ever - the Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition.

Now you may already be aware of our Premium membership,
which is a monthly subscription that gives access to high
quality training content in the form of a monthly magazine
and professional-grade internet marketing tools, BUT ...

Affilorama Premium 2010 Edition is a massive step up, both
in value and content. Here are just some of the new additions
to the membership:

* Brand new and updated tools that help with every aspect
of affiliate marketing including SEO, copywriting and market
* Included web-hosting for up to 15 domains with cpanel
* Exclusive interviews with web marketing millionaires
* And much, much more ...


Chris Fox - Google Terminator JV
Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, November 23rd 2009
Launch Date: 'Black Friday', November 27th 2009

I know your busy so here is quick run down of what's

* The product itself is an INCREDIBLE package.
It has been beta tested with a small group of my
current members to ensure all potential problems
have been ironed out.

It is a proven money maker which your subscribers
will love...

(Last time I launched a product some affiliates
saw refund rates of LESS than 6%. Google Terminator
is bigger, badder and better :-)

* $67 front end plus 2 highly related up-sells
with down-sells of course priced at $37 recurring
and $47. 60% commissions across the board
and sold through Clickbank.

* The copy will be tested behind closed doors.
Come launch time all tweaks will have been
made so it produces crazy conversions...

* Awesome JV prizes which will make you a ton
of money down the line ;-)

* During the pre-launch I will provide awesome
content and resources that your list is going to love...

(Easy ways to get fre.e traffic, case studies...stuff
your subscribers can use straight away)

* Promotion for this is going to be effortless.
I will be launching on the Friday and will provide
personal followup emails that you can mail to
your list over the weekend...

While your sitting back chilling with friends &
family you can be sure I'll be making you a bunch
of moolah :-)

This launch is set to be huge and a lot of fun for
everyone involved..

If you have any questions you can find my contact
details on the JV page below ...


Adam Generale - Immediate List Profits JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, December 1st - 12pm EST

You might be wondering who exactly am I?

I got into the Make Money/Work From Home niche in early
2007 and quickly found my home in list marketing strategies.

For better part of the last year I've taken notes run tests,
scratched out that info, and then done it all again to make
sure I could create the very best course for list building
Mike can attest to this, since I spoke to him in early February
and then decided the course still was not ready).

In the end, I was able to go from making pennies from my
mailings to $3,000 every mailing.

Believe me, your list wants this info.

But first, let me tell you some of the highlights of the program...

- 75% commissions on all products (if this doesn't pique
your interest I'm not sure anything will)
- Multiple recurring and non-recurring back-end products
- Earn $26.50 monthly for life!
- You'll be sending your list a free video resource
- We've got pre-made e-mails, professionally designed
banners and much more. So you can literally cut and paste
- I promise a reciprocal mailing

Trust me when I say, this product over delivers and most
importantly your list will love you for it...

So check out this link, and I'll personally send you all the
affiliate materials you could possibly need to make money
from this launch.


Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones - Auto Profit Launcher JV
Pre Launch Begins TODAY Tuesday, November 17th 2009
Launch Day: Tuesday, December 1st - 12pm Noon EST

It's Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones here with a very
special JV invite for our upcoming "Auto Profit Launcher"
launch, which lifts off on the 1st December at 12pm EST.

This launch really is worth your attention, so if you can
give us the next 5 minutes of your time we'd really
appreciate it

Here's just one of the reasons you'll want to promote
Auto Profit Launcher come December 1...

We have up to $800 commissions up for grabs for every
customer you send our way, as well as some incredible
prelaunch (starting November 17) and launch week
(starting December 1) JV contests and prizes.

Since early June this year we have been working on this
cool project called Auto Profit Launcher. We have been
developing and testing a very special web based
application that we're finally releasing to the public for
the very first time on Tuesday December 1.

The application, aptly named "Auto Profit Launcher",
will allow our members to instantly upload pre-made
websites that they can configure to suit their needs to
their own hosting, as well as the opportunity to create
their own websites quickly, easily and effectively using
our killer software.

They'll be given product based websites (eg, digital
ebook sales website), affiliate review websites and
templates, and a whole host of squeeze pages... pretty
much everything they'll need to be successful online

What's super cool is that our members NEVER need to
know HTML, how to FTP, how to insert Aweber code etc
etc... it's all done in a wizard type application that even
uploads the website to their own hosting.

Really cool stuff... and to be honest, worth a whole lot
more than the $497 we're charging for lifetime access to it.

You can get more info on the product here ...


Chris Douthit - Internet Advertising Studio JV
Launch Day: Tuesday, December 8th @ 11:00 AM EST

Get up to $100+ commission per referral, a payout of 65%
on both front end and backend products.

Hello fellow JVNotifyPro partner, On Tuesday December 8th
I am releasing my first product release in over a year.
That's because I have been developing this product exclusively
during that time.

This product is not like other stand alone products. This is a
complete studio package that includes FOUR inclusive
marketing video courses that will be sure to blow your
subscribers away.

This package includes complete courses in Article Marketing,
Email Marketing, Google AdWords and Search Engine

I was originally just going to make one course for release,
but why stop there. Why not give away an incredible value
by offering 4 courses for the price of one. So that's what I
have done!

The 20+ video in this studio package absolutely over deliver
on all claims ...


Eric Rockefeller - Aggressive Wealth Secrets - Quick Cash
Systems JV
Prelaunch Begins - Tuesday, December 1st
Launch Day - Tuesday, December 8th

1.) Mark your calendar now....This will make you tons
of money with a very unique payout structure...I can
guarantee 10% plus conversions where you will get paid
at least $30 per sale plus 50% of backend upsells.

Dec 1st Prelaunch

Just trust me I've tested this over and over, and you will
see this will revolutionize our little world.

2.) Are you in for me? Remember I am always on that
leaderboard for you and will return the favor as available.

I plan on having all the major names and their brothers
on this launch...


==> http://www.aggressivewealthsecrets.com/vip_invite.html




Alex Goad & Saj P - Commission Payload JV Invite
Launch Day Is - Wednesday, December 9th - 12 Noon, EST

Alex Goad here with just a quick one...

This is short notice: Saj and I have reunited after 2
Clickbank crushing #1s last year to bring to market
Commission Payload...

This thing is a game changer...

Front End is $497 and includes 18 modules of cutting
edge CPA training, cut and paste campaigns from
affiliate networks themselves, guaranteed approvals
and seminar tickets to our Boston event...

The value is stacked sky high and you stand to make
huge commissions as you get half of everything...
The 497 front end, the 47/month continuity and both
upsells (197 and 247)

With the massive (half a mil a month) proof, scarcity,
event tickets and bonuses we have lined up, this
could sell out on launch day...

Bottom line: sign up and get in touch with me and
Saj if you need anything at all.

Otherwise, kick back, wait for prelaunch to start,
we'll be updating you all the way with generous
lead prizes, a huge jv contest and everything you
need to make Commission Payload a top earner for
yourself ...


Chris Carpenter - Reality PPC JV Invite
Video Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, December 1st
Launch Begins: Tuesday, December 15th

I'm giving you a BIG heads up because it's going to be
EASY to hit 5 figures on my new product if you mail
on November 10th for the pre-launch.

Let me explain...

During the GC Detective Launch, we LISTENED to what
our customers were asking for.

Several thousand online business people told us what
kind of training and resources they needed the most.

Using that information, we built a teaching system
that is PERFECT for the online entrepreneur.
Introducing REALITY PPC
One of my most successful students of all time
Jeremy Wilson takes the lead on this 10 part
video series that teaches by REAL examples of
LIVE PPC campaigns.

Talk about PROOF.

Students watch the drama of campaigns being
built and modified by one of the industry's
BEST affiliate marketers.

There will also be LIVE webinars, follow-up
videos answering customer questions, and and
a host of other interactive elements.

Sound Cool?

Check out what we have done so far ...


Steven Johnson & Chad Michaels - Sales Letters Creator 2009
Edition JV Invite
Launch Day Is Tuesday, December 15th 2009 - 12PM EST

This product launch will make you lots of money for TWO

1.) Software launches have been blowing up the IM
marketplace all year!

Examples: Mass Article Control, Magic List Bot...

2.) Lots Of Hungry Buyers!

There are over 500,000+ searches being conducted
globally, on a monthly basis by people who are looking
to create sales letters and are need of a desperate

This is where you will be able to tap in and instantly cash
in with this software launch.

We have tested this and it coverts like crazy (no joke)!!!

We will not be doing a prelaunch for this one but you
can always send you subscribers to the homepage to
check out the video and get cookied. (through your
affiliate link of course haha)

There are already a handful of BIG TIME promoters
on board to promote this...

And more and more are signing up with me as they
all know how profitable software launches can be!



Matt Benwell, Mo Latif, Jonathan van Clute, James Francis,
Alan Magliocca, Judah Thomas, Jani G, and other fellow JV
Notify Pro partners are waiting in the wings ... keep your
eyes on your Inbox, and follow the action in the archives:



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