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Thread: PROVIDE JV Related Services - READ FIRST

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    PROVIDE JV Related Services - READ FIRST

    After seeing a number of posts over time that fall into the 'provide services' category ... but there has not been the necessary board to specifically answer that need ... here it is.

    Please Include Service Keyword(s) In The Subject.

    What are JV Related Services?

    They might include ...

    JV Brokering and/or

    Affiliate Management

    Product Launch Management

    Affiliate Program Management

    Product Development

    Website Development

    Search Engine Optimization

    Web 2.0 (Social Bookmarking & Networking)





    ... and other related services.

    Once Again ... you MUST be the actual provider of the service to post your business profile. NO RESELLERS or AFFILIATES!

    It would also be appreciated if you could show your fellow JVNP partners some love and give them some kind of perk for choosing you via JVNP.




    Please be aware that if you choose to follow through with partners and their offerings, you do so at your own risk. JV Notify Pro and it's management are not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of partner interaction. User discretion is advised.

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    Re: PROVIDE JV Related Services - READ FIRST

    Hi Mike
    I am very honored to be part of this forum, I am new to all this stuff ,
    I do not have list. I would be honored to help JV partners in any way
    I can too launches off there products that are taking off in next month.
    I am new to the teckie, I am good at marketing articles, blogs and doing
    videos too.

    To Our success,
    Cynthia Hernandez

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    Re: PROVIDE JV Related Services - READ FIRST

    Hey Mike:

    This is an interesting "guidelines" post... I stumbled upon it while I was thinking about positioning my Product Launch Managing (...), and how to approach my fellow JVNP members here.

    As I was thinking... I would want to position my PLM ... skills, resources, cooperation, "JV" - NOT "services" - as a true "JV" where I offer to put my "business assets" up to partner with qualified JV prospects in launching their products or services.

    The lion share of PLM compensation is typically contingent on results, which is why it's important and justified to approach the question of client/PLM selection like you would any JV - risk vs rewards assessment and "good fit"?

    Great idea to offer some reward or incentive to JVNP readers!

    Thomas Bartke<br />- &quot;Six Figures in Seven Days&quot; PLM<br />&quot;Need help with your launch? Let&#039;s talk...&quot;<br />www.JVLaunchSecrets.com/blog

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    Re: PROVIDE JV Related Services - READ FIRST


    Thanks, I've been copywriting for myself and have been thinking of hiring a copywriter and this forum is going to help me decide.

    Managment Consultant and Author<br />www.FranklinWebster.com

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    Re: PROVIDE JV Related Services - READ FIRST

    [color=green]Mike,like I said before, I am greatly honoured to be part of this community. I write articles on internet marketing and equally help in the marketing of people's products and services through my writings. I will therefore be very happy if I can be of service to the community.
    Pls mike,you can really be of great help in this regard.

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