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The Top 20 Best Joint Venture WEBINARS – April 2023
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#1 “The Agency AI Advantage”
Presenter: Alicia Lyttle
A revolutionary new way for Digital Agency Owners (current and aspiring) to unleash the full potential of AI, and in the process skyrocket their business success to new previously unattainable heights. This is based on Alicia’s first-hand experience transforming her own agency with AI. The offer is a step-by-step course that details how to do the same.
50% commission on $497 offer. Earn up to $262 per sale with this high-converting webinar funnel with EPCs ranging from $8.50 to $17.62.
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#2 “The 10-Slide Blueprint to Making Seven Figures a Year Working From Home (Shockingly Easy)!”
Publisher: Jeremy Gislason
EPCs of $8 to $10 on average, and as high as $17 to $34 in some cases.
Works well with the Listbuilding/Affiliate Marketing/Experts/Authors markets.
Earn 50% affiliate commission on $997 offer, plus get a complimentary ProductDyno VIP Platinum level account for a JV, with lifetime access for partners who promote.
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#3 “Can This Recession Be Your Biggest Investment Opportunity?” (How To Outperform The Best Wall Street Experts!)
Presenter: Robert Rolih
Robert Rolih is selling his flagship online course for long-term investors who want exceptional results. The results speak for themselves. Since 2012, Robert's course has attracted over 6,000+ members who have consistently outperformed the best Wall Street experts.
50% commission on $997 sale. 10-15% conversion rate.
Can reciprocate with 800 registrations on a webinar (business & money topics only).
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#4 “How To Build a List In 30 Days And Make Money Online In 30 Days – The e-Farming System webinar”
Publisher: Igor Khefeits
Topic: Listbuilding and affiliate marketing
Average conversion rate: 11%
Earn 50% affiliate commission on $997 offer.
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#5 “The Secret To Effortless Online Income In 2023 - Discover The One Advantage That Helped Several Leading Gurus Make Millions In Less Time Than Their Competition (And How You Can Use It Too!)”
Presenter: Caleb O’Dowd
$997 offer and 50% commissions. 8 to 13% average conversion rate.
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#6 “One Click Products!”
Publisher: John Rhodes
“How Two Ordinary Guys Got $523.79 Per Day By Practically Giving Away The Best Product On The Internet!”
Commission: 50% on $997 sale.
8 to 12% conversion rate.
Generate $30 to $70 in revenue per webinar attendee!
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#7 “How To Get Paid To Talk About Your Favorite Brands Online—7 Different Ways To Get Paid By Brands By Posting About Them!”
Publisher: Chris Luck
Jason Fladlien promoted and did $1.4 million in sales. The webinar converted at 29%. Anik Singal did $807,605 in sales, with a 25% conversion on the webinar.
It's been described as 'The Highest Converting Offer Of 2022'.
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#8 “How Digital Marketing Businesses And Social Media Managers Can Make Significantly More Money”
Publisher: Dylan Vanas
Promote two high-end done-for-you offers that are currently converting at a fantastic 25% conversion rate.
Earn a whopping $350+ per webinar attendee!
Dylan’s offer helps business opportunity seekers, digital marketing agencies, social media managers, and freelancers make more money, with some truly great testimonials and success stories.
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#9 “How To Master Affiliate Marketing – Stop Wasting Time, Start Earning Money!”
Publisher: Paul O’Mahony
Averaging 20.32% conversion and $202 per attendee. 50% commission.
Can also reciprocate with 100-150 people on a webinar.
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#10 “The Ultimate eCommerce Dropshipping System – AI meets eBay”
Publisher: Really Successful Ltd
The #1 eBay research tool on the market. Quickly identifies high-demand, high margin products available for dropshipping from multiple suppliers. With a built-in eBay comparison tool to immediately calculate profits, locate dropshippers, and find a cheaper source for products. Advanced eBay scale tactics, dropshipping and Shopify hacks.
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#11 “The Scientific Approach to Successful Affiliate Marketing (6 Ways to Earn in the Online Economy)”
Publisher: Simon Coulson
Earn $56 per webinar attendee.
Can also reciprocate with 100 - 200 attendees on a webinar.
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#12 “Kindle Cash Flow”
Publisher: Ty Cohen
“Now It’s Your Turn to Promote The Very Same Webinar That Has Generated Over $55 Million In Sales!”
50% Commissions / $498.50 per sale
Conversions range from: 15-20%
EPC's range from $3.50 - $15.00 depending on list.
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#13 “The Crypto Swap Profits webinar”
Publisher: Joel Peterson
Topic: We teach 7 ways to make money with Crypto with the main focus on Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Make $619 on the initial sale and $40 a month recurring.
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#14 “How to Use A.I. To Generate Extraordinary Results and Profit Wildly!”
Publisher: Barry Plaskow
How to use ChatGPT to generate sales of other people's products and earn $1,000+ commissions when barely lifting a finger.
How to become a super affiliate, even without an online following.
Earn 50% affiliate commission on $997 offer.
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#15 "How I Turned $30k into $180k In Just 3 months, Thanks To Cryptocurrency Trading"
Presenter: Andy Demi, a former hedge fund manager from JP Morgan in London.
We ran this webinar to our list, and it converted at 11.4% on a $1,997 offer.
We did $80,000 in sales with 307 people on the call (approximately $260 in sales per attendee).
Offering $1,000 per sale, in commissions, to our JV partners.
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#16 “How to Leverage the Secret Strategy Used Exclusively by the Rich to Grow Your Wealth, Boost Your Cash Flow and Create Income for Life”
An introduction and overview of The Infinite Banking Concept (we call it Legacy Banking) as a wealth and investing strategy.
Presenter: Brian Fouts
$997 offer and 50% commissions. 5 to 12% average conversion rate.
Reciprocals are possible if a good fit. 50 attendees, minimum requirement, to run a live webinar.
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#17 "The Simple $100K+ a Year Side Business That Regular People Are Doing Online in 1 to 2 Hours a Day!"
Publisher: Jon Shugart
Converts at 8 to 12% on $1,497 offer, and commissions are $598.80 per sale plus $50 per month recurring. The Average Attendee Value is a massive $243.
“The success stories are fantastic, with multiple six-figure earners starting from scratch in less than a year, and some buyers are reporting making $6,000 in profit in a single day. Some JV partners are saying it is the highest converting webinar they've seen.”
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#18 “Rebel Crypto Trader”
How To Go From Never Traded Before, To Trading Crypto For A Living In Just 30 Minutes A Day!
Publishers: Stephen Somers, Robert Ricky, and Sean Donahoe
“A recent affiliate had 142 attendees, $32,842 gross sales, and generated $231 EPA.”
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#19 “The Plan”
Publisher: Dan Hollings, Jason Fladlien
Topic: Crypto webinar.
“This webinar has outpaced virtually everything on the market. Affiliates have NEVER made so much money with a single offer... EVER. This thing converts like CRAZY!”
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#20 "Complete Done-For-You System Gets YOU Local Clients Without Cold Calling Or Hard Selling"
Publisher: David Cassar
“What they will learn: How to get everything you need to land local clients fast. Everything is 100% ‘done for you’ so you can get started right away. Get access to a ‘done for you’ service that local clients need and want. Everything is battle-tested and proven to get clients & make money.”
$399 offer, 50% commission.
9% to 14% conversion. $16.59 to $27.34 EPC.
Can reciprocate by promoting to list of 20,000 buyers.
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Jennifer McLean - Soul Power Formula 2023 Launch Affiliate Program Registration Page
Launched on Tuesday, April 11th 2023 – Tuesday, May 9th 2023
50% Commissions, Expect EPCs in the $1 - $3.50+ Range!

This is my seminal teachings from 35 years of teachings that support a profound, deep, and permanent shift in the state of power, love, peace, prosperity, and health. It is designed for the neural divergent, empath, highly sensitive, and anybody whose experiencing lack and limitation. With 50% commissions, expect EPCs in the $1 - $3.50+ range. With higher pricing than my other programs and several upsells, commissions are great! Jennifer McLean - Soul Power Formula 2023 launch affiliate program registration page.


Debbie Drum + Jonathan Green - 99 Prompts Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite Page
Launched Wednesday, April 19th 2023 @ 11AM EST - TODAY Wednesday, April 26th @ 11:59PM EST
100% on The FE ... Forever! - Backend Recurring Income for ALL Months Referral Remains a Customer!

Debbie & Jonathan have been doing a TON of ghostwriting work using chatGPT, so now they're sharing how it's made the process 10x faster! Special Affiliate Perks ... - 100% On The FE ... Forever! - Backend Recurring Income For ALL Months until customer cancels! Gain access to your JV tools, complete launch details, and more, here => Debbie Drum + Jonathan Green - 99 Prompts launch affiliate program JV invite page.


Mike Long + David Mills - Green Gold Launch Affiliate Program Registration Page
Launched Thursday, April 20th 2023 – Tuesday, May 2nd 2023
Grab Your Share of MASSIVE $2K Per Sale Commissions!

The April 20, 4:20 PM EST launch of Green Gold, the Next Biggest Affiliate Marketing Opportunity, $4000 (50% commissions for you! $2000!) for your members to join our full coaching plus all-time affiliate platform, is the first launch from David Mills and Mike Long since OMG in 2013! Mike Long + David Mills - Green Gold launch affiliate program registration page.


Rachel Rofe - Mini Income Streams Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite Page
Pre-Launch Commenced Tuesday, April 11th 2023
Launch Day Is TOMORROW Thursday, April 27th 2023
Over $100K in JV Prizes, $1K+ Per Sale PLUS $2 Per Lead, Dialed in Conversions!

Mini Income Streams is a brand new edition of our epic training program (with new up to date recordings, AI enhanced software and more)... That shows how anyone can set up thousands of "Mini Income Streams" that take 10 minutes each and virtually costs $0 to set up! Rachel Rofe - Mini Income Streams launch affiliate program JV invite page.


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Binoid CBD - Cannabinoid Products Evergreen Affiliate Program Registration Page
Earn Affiliate Commission Promoting One of The Net's Top CBD Wellness Companies!*

Binoid was founded by wellness enthusiasts who believe CBD should be a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to empower CBD Wellness by providing superior products that are as enjoyable as they are good for you, with zero compromises on quality and ingredients. "Excellent" rating on Trustpilot. Earn affiliate commission referring our top quality products to your audience (where legal in USA*)! Binoid CBD - Cannabinoid Products evergreen affiliate program registration page.


Blake Brewer - The Legacy Letter Challenge Evergreen Affiliate Program JV Request Page
Grab 40% Commission Teaching Your Audience How To Write The Best Letter They've Ever Written!

The Legacy Letter Challenge has received rave reviews, with positive testimonials flooding in daily, and has been endorsed by some of the most influential leaders in parenting and entrepreneurship, including Ken Canfield, Anthony Trucks, James Reid, and Aaron Walker. 40% of $197 affiliate commission. Lifetime cookie. Blake Brewer - The Legacy Letter Challenge evergreen affiliate program JV request page.

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