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Thread: Rohit Shah - CommerceMojo JV Invite

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    Rohit Shah - CommerceMojo - JV Invite

    Rohit Shah - CommerceMojo - JV Invite
    Launch Day: Thursday, July 23rd 2020

    CommerceMojo is the powerhouse jam-packed with 5 revolutionary AI-Infused tools to help your customers create stunning, studio-quality designs and videos fore-commerce products and advertisements.

    CommerceMojo’s Design Editor and Video Creator are built from the ground up to ensure every design and video your customers create are professional-grade and fully optimised for selling absolutely anything online.

    For the first time, your customers can automatically remove background from unlimited photos, enlarge unlimited images up to 8 times from original size and compress unlimited images with the help of highly accurate and precise AI built for perfection.

    CommerceMojo also includes several high-quality pre-made templates to create high converting designs and videos in record time.

    CommerceMojo is built by team of very experienced AI experts. And the creator of this product Rohit Shah has produced several high quality products in the past that went on to do over $1 Million dollars in sales.

    CommerceMojo will be no different and we are confident that your customers will greatly benefit from our app.

    Check out the demo and examples produced by CommerceMojo on our JV page and witness the powerful AI in action.

    Rohit Shah - CommerceMojo - JV Invite
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    Hi, Rohit!

    Please follow up your original post, in reply, with any updates to bump, or update potential affiliates, rather then creating a new post.


    Mike Sr

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