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Thread: Anybody know of a hack to get access to the leader lists of other launches

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    Anybody know of a hack to get access to the leader lists of other launches

    I'm looking for good ways of finding solid affiliates to promote our monthly launches.

    Does anybody know of a good way to get access to the lists of leaders on a specific launch? I'd like to reach out to the top affiliates and see if they would be interested.

    Or, do you know of any other great hacks to get that type of information?

    Hope to talk soon


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    Hi, Cary.

    One way would be to find the JV pages of launches that have a similar audience to yours, and subscribing to their JV notification list, but many would find that method a little disingenuous, unless you actually do have an interest in possibly supporting the launch, or getting to know the merchants behind these launches (which has it's own benefits, JV wise). Aside from the popular launch calendar sites, themselves, there are many JV announcement groups on Facebook where JV page access for many types of launches and evergreen affiliate programs can be found, in abundance.

    What type(s) of audience(s) do your products target? What marketing platform(s) are you using?

    All the best in 2019,

    Mike Sr

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