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  1. If you haven't seen these, get ready to howl...

    I have ALWAYS loved Brit humor- Monty Python, Douglas Adams, et al, but these vids from the BBC take the cake!

    Enjoy :)
  2. Kick Ass Lead Generator Software Pays Nice Affiliate Commish! Selling Well Now...

    Hey there-

    Gman here with a terrific software product that's selling like hotcakes... and paying VERY nice affiliate commish!

    Don't delay on this- the timing is good- and the product is Hugely...
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    Personally, I'd much rather have a decent EPC and...

    Personally, I'd much rather have a decent EPC and get paid honestly and in a timely fashion, but to answer your OP, yeah, some guys demand it so it's best to have something on tap- just make it...
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