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  1. Thanks Edmark, I'm a fanatic for micro...

    Thanks Edmark,
    I'm a fanatic for micro commitments so I'm glad you shared that one!

  2. MarketingEducation.ORG - Golden Funnel Formula Coaching - JV Invite

    MarketingEducation.ORG - Marketing Certificate Program with Coaching - JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Friday, Sept 16th 2016
    Launch Day: Wednesday, Sept 28th 2016

    JV-opportunity for B2B...
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    Sticky: Greetings from Benny

    Hi All!

    Great to be part of this network.

    About me... After taking two companies public, I retired for several years and have been SLOWLY making my way back to work.

    I'm developing...
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