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Launch System, Daniel Carter, Andrew + Chris Fox - Auto
Traffic Tycoon, Mark Anastasi - FB Auto Traffic, Edmund Loh
- Inner Circle Coaching Launches, Sherrman Cheow - Video
Wealth Era Pre-launch) + More ... in Today's Prepare To Be
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- Mike

Tristan Bull - Guru Overwhelm JV Invite
Prelaunch Begins: Monday, April 11th 2011
Launch Day: Monday, April 18th 2011 (Pending)

Hey, Fellow JVNP members.

Tristan Bull here, and I would like to offer an exclusive
VIP invitation to my latest product launch: Guru Overwhelm

Now just in case you are wondering why you would want to
partner with me, I am not new to the launch game. In fact
my last large scale launch made $603,194.00 so I know how
to launch products and this launch is going to be even

***Let's Get To The Important Stuff... The Numbers!***

We have ran an internal launch for Guru Overwhelm to a
COLD list and the results were amazing.

Guru Overwhelm converted at an amazing:


No one get's these kind of figures but there is a reason why
we did.

My company and I have put in over 12 months of research
and development to create a course that simply gets results.

We have created an EXTREMELY powerful pre-launch series
that converts like crazy.

People have a love/hate relationship with "guru's" and we
have definitely hit a vein in the marketplace.

We received mountains of feedback just from our small
internal launch, people love this course.

The fact is pure and simple, we make it EASY for YOUR

So much so that we have a $100,000.00 CASE STUDY for
Guru Overwhelm.

We actually have lot's of case studies but the most
impressive is a customer who done $100,000 in just 30 days.


$297 front end
$500 upsell
$5000 upsell

Your total earnings potential per customer:


That is HUGE and the cool thing is this is already tested
and proven to convert 

We are giving away a massive $20,500 in prizes! We have
two competitions, most sales and most opt-ins so you have
two chances to win some cold hard cash!

1st. $10,000
2nd $5000
3rd $2000
4th $1000
5th $500

Opt-in Competition Prizes
1ST $1000
2nd $500
3rd $300
4th $150
5th $50


Pre-launch begins April 11 2011, for further details and to
sign up now click below:





A Word From Mike

Marlon Sanders - The Traffic Dashboard JV ... AND
JVNP 2.0 Featured Contributor?

You heard it right. One of the Founding Fathers of
Internet Marketing ... Mr. "Amazing Formula", himself,
not only has a new product out that he feels is one
of his very best and would appreciate your help getting
the word out about - The Traffic Dashboard, he's also
agreed to be a regular Featured Content Contributor
for JVNP 2.0. How do you top that? LOL

Here's a link to Marlon's Affiliate Program.


Once you register and log in, you'll have access to not
only TTD promo tools, but to all of Marlon's Best Sellers.

... and be on the lookout for Marlon Sanders, the JVNP 2
Featured Contributor, when we go live on or around March
23rd ... all I'll say now is he's not alone.

And keep an eye on your Inbox ... as an existing JVNP Partner,
you'll have the chance to kick the tires before we officially
go live. Details coming your way soon.

That's All Folks!



Buzz Builders

Raam Anand - Site Launch System - JV Invite
Launch Day: Is TODAY Thursday, March 10th 2011

Raam Anand here, creator of "Site Launch System". SLS
is a 12-DVD home study course, pre-launches on Mar 3rd.
Launch on Mar 10th and cart closes on Mar 16th. All you
need to do is giveaway 3 high-value FREE videos and I'll
take care of everything else. This is your opportunity to
earn $1000 commission checks for every sale!

This is a video-based launch and I'll be giving away lots of
super high-value free content, right off the bat. It's like
saying... "if you liked the free videos, you'll definitely
love the course". This is going to be a MEGA launch, hosted
on KAJABI and uses 1ShoppingCart for tracking.

Watch video and signup here ...


Daniel Carter, Andrew + Chris Fox : Auto Traffic Tycoon
JV Invite
Launch Day Is TODAY Thursday, March 10th 2011

AutoTrafficTycoon is from a guy called Daniel
Carter - this product is 100% unique, in fact
the I.M stratosphere is going to be blown
away when they see what this weapon does...

D.C has en-listed the help of 2 hugely successful

These guys believe in A.T.T and the impact it will
have on the I.M market-place.

"It's just going to be downright friggin huge!"

These 2 SUPER affiliates can easily shift 100's
of units between them...

And in return for supporting D.C you can count
on their support for your future launches.

Daniel Carter has a severe case of O.C.D when
it comes to Auto Traffic Tycoon - this is his personal
baby which he has spent nearly a whole year tweaking
so that any body can pick it up and start making money
online... with complete and utter ease. ...


Mark Anastasi : FB Auto Traffic JV Invite
Launch Day Is TODAY Thursday, March 10th 2011

Mark Anastasi presents "FBAutoTraffic"-- Over $2 Million
in sales anticipated in Clickbank sales, for the
most effective, zero-cost Facebook advertising course +
automated software tool available... on March 10th, 2011.

Front end = $37... dynamic TRUE ONE-CLICK upsell
process totaling $405 per customer. You get 50% on
everything- INC. recurring billing (which 2 upsells have).
Past results indicate over 65% take the upsells.

Plus... $10,000 in ATTAINABLE cash prizes. Cash is
being given away DAILY for the first 7 days of launch
on best daily sales, highest number of clicks, etc.

Hugely successful marketing team behind this one
($15 Million + in existing sales), including...

* Mark Anastasi + Pete Craig ($35K/mo on Facebook,
millions of dollars for their marketing seminars)

* David Raybould - has written more copy for #1 hotspot
Clickbank launches than any other copywriter alive.

* Lee Benson - Over $10M in sales, bought + sold over
25 businesses, regularly pulls $1.5M per launch

* Dave Nayavich - one of Clickbank's best web
designers... (like David, more #1 launches have
used his work than any other designer).

Tons of big names on board, but purposefully designed
to give EVERY promoter a chance-- anticipated over
$900,000 in Clickbank payouts + tons of daily prizes.

And get $500 wired to your account as an added
bonus by signing up free, and locking in your promo ...


Edmund Loh : Edmund Loh's Inner Circle Coaching JV Invite
Launch Day Is TODAY Thursday, March 10th 2011

It's Edmund here with my 6 Figures A Year Inner Circle
Coaching & Webinar program I'm launching 10th March,
and I want to welcome you onboard as a JV Partner!

This is going high ticket ($497) and the O.T.O going at
$297, and you make 50% from each sale. Earn up to $397
per customer!

I'm using the sales video approach - conversions had
been fantastic for high ticket to my list (1.96% for a
$497 and 30% conversion for the O.T.O). I've updated
and beefed up my coaching offer in the sales videos since,
they should perform better when you promote.

You can get more information and preview the sales
videos yourself in advance (but pls keep this


Calvin Woon & Jonathan Teng, Rob Selaney, Khai Ng,
Alvin Huang, Aurelius Tjin, Jeremy G & Simon H, Cindy
Baytte, Dylan Loh, Tony Sanders, and many more...

I'm also throwing a week-long JV sales contest with
$10,000 up for grabs - $5000 to the first winner!

You can get the rest of the full details on the launch
here ...


Mark Dulisse : PLR Niche Formula JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, March 15th 2011 @ 12 Noon EST

^^ Please Notice Launch Date Change ^^

I want to expose one side of my business that has
made me a ton of cash over the last 2 years, and
that is the buying, remaking, and selling of PLR
products in various niches.

What kind of coin?

What if I told you that I've purchased a PLR
product for $5 and turned around and made

Or about the time where I purchased a PLR
product for $37 and coined over $80k with
it, with over 1300 new customers.

These are just a couple of my examples, and
I have a ton of them.

We all have our hard drives stuffed with

Now I'll show your customers the true method
to turn a 1000% return.

In PLR Niche Formula your customer will
learn the exact strategies that I have been
using to bank serious coin using PLR

This will be an easy sale ...


Marcus Campbell : Simple Sites Big Profits 2011 JV Invite
Launch Day: Thursday, March 17th 2011

Here is how you are going to get huge payouts when you
promote simple sites big profits and simple sites university
monthly coaching club...

1. $11.81 EPC's - proven and tested thru jv partners and
cold ppc traffic (there is no other clickbank launch that
comes close to these EPC's) see jv video for details...

Simple Sites Big Profits Has Sold Over 3,109 Copes... its
proven - it works!

2. This converts because people believe in it and it makes
sense (who can't set up a simple sites and make a few bucks
right)... the launch sequence shows real world results, live
sites, and shows how everyday people can get realistic
results... PLUS I will be redoing my 'famous' running video
that is responsible for over $200K in internal launches

3. We give them Results In Advance by showing how to set
their campaigns up and get some results super fast... THIS
hooks them for life and will put more money in your pocket.

4. PLUS... Best of all... this is not just a one time deal!

Your subscribers are cookied on the first visit (as usual)
but I always treat them as "your subscribers" meaning if I
they buy simple sites big profits later down the road on one
of my many webinars... you get paid... so imagine making a
ton on the launch and waking up two or three months later
seeing TONS of sales in your account from a webinar you
didn't even promote, and weren't even on... this is huge
and I will make you the most money possible for each and
every click you send!

So how's this gonna go down? ...


James Malinchak - Millionaire Secrets Revealed
Prelaunch Commenced Wednesday, March 9th 2011
Launch Day: Monday, March 21st 2011

A. EPIC LAUNCH - Win Prizes w/ Anthony Hopkins & Samuel L.
B. This Launch Has It All!
C. This Epic Launch Features An ABC Star!

This one is look is looking to be awesome.

See for yourself...

- Epic JV Launch with the Star of ABC's Hit Show SECRET
MILLIONAIRE, that premieres and coincides with the launch of
his Brand New Product!

- "Millionaire Secrets Revealed: Mastering the 4 M's for
Achieving a Better, Richer, Business & Life."

- Earn $1000.00+ Commissions on every sale!

And Win Epic Prizes, including:

- Play Golf with Samuel L. Jackson!!
- Private Meet-n-Greet & Photo with Anthony Hopkins!!
- $50,000 Cash!
- And Tons More!!!

[Go here for all the details, including a preview of the
March 6th show on ABC!] ...


Sherrman Cheow : Video Wealth Era JV Invite
Pre-launch Begins TOMORROW Friday, March 11th 2011
Launch Day: Friday, March 25th 2011

You probably have not heard of me... but for the past 6 months,
I have been creating a product called Video Wealth Era.

It is a 9 module course on Video Marketing.

Basically, Video Wealth Era is a video course that teaches
how to get free traffic using video marketing.

Come with me on this JV, and I will have your back when it is
your turn to shine.

Pre-Launch date: 11th March 2011
Launch Date: 25th March 2011

With your support, I believe this product is going to sell
like hotcakes.

We have one of the top sales pages designers and with this
killer video sales page, I have no doubt it's going to
convert triple.

Thanks for your time, and I want to say I really appreciate
your support on this.

I will have your back and count me in your any of your

Sherrman Cheow

P.S. In the midst of the contest, there will be mystery
prizes ... simply register on the page below and I'll keep you
updated ...


Brian G. Johnson : 300 Internet Marketers JV Invite
Prelaunch Begins: Tuesday, March 22 2011
Launch Day: Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Fellow JVNP Partner, Massive $400+ Clickbank commissions

Hey, it's Brian G. Johnson and this is what I've got:

A complete business-in-a-box coaching program that will
sell for $997 at ClickBank and will pay 50% commission.

300 Internet Marketers offers the following.

* Live coaching from via webinar over a nine month period.
* Free Premium WordPress FlexSqueeze Theme (sells for
* Free 90-Day Access to an Underground Link Building
Membership ($201 value)
* A Proven And Effective System for Cashing In As
a Super Affiliate and Product Vendor. Proof will
come in the form of past student testimonials
and earning statements.

We're talking about stacked and massive proof elements.

Real people ... earning real money ... using the my
Six Figure Spartan I.M. Business Building System.

Super commissions await ...


Aaron Darko - Google in 60 Seconds JV Invite
Prelaunch Begins: Saturday, March 26th 2011
Launch Day: Tuesday, March 29th 2011

To make a long story short, over the past 4 months, we
have uncovered an incredible method that is getting our
sites ranked on the first page of google in under 60 seconds.

This is almost "Cheating" because it is bypassing months
of hard work that other people are doing and skipping
right to the top.

It is so effective that using this method has earned my
team of beta testers an average of $12,328.79 each over
the past 10 weeks. (that is an average earnings of about
$1,200 per week) And this is only working a VERY short
amount of time every single day.

So we have determined that the method works and it can
scale. And after many requests have agreed to start teaching
it to the general public on March 29th 2011.

Who Is Aaron Darko?
================= ...


Matt Benwell : QuickFire Profits 3.0 JV Invite
Launch Day: Thursday, March 31st @ 12 Noon EST

Now if you've not heard of me or QuickFire Profits before,
then here it is...

I first started marketing online back in early 2006 and I
developed some really cool ways to extract cash from the web.

I packaged all these methods and in December 2007
QuickFire Profits was born.

The product was one of the very first recurring products to
be sold through Clickbank and over the years has sold over
25,000 units and has made both myself, affiliates and it's
users a whole heap of cash in the process.

Since then I've releases a number of systems including two
that are live at the moment RapidAutomatedIncome &
CovertCashConspiracy... I'm a big James Bond fan

But anyways, enough of me... what's in it for you?

We're giving away 60% on all sales that are listed below...


Steven Johnson + Jani G : Commission Takers JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, April 4th 2011

Commission Takers is an awesome product that
looks, feels and delivers like a solid $497 high ticket
product but instead it is being sold at $39 on the
frontend with 4 MONSTER upsells...

Heavy Hitters Already on Board

Andrew Fox, Michael Cheney, Paul Liburd, Richard Legg,
Dan Brock, Javan Robinson & Lanty Paul, Merlin Holmes,
Mike Auton, Philip Mansour, Jamie Lewis, Justin Michie,
Imran Sadiq & Kieran Gill, Frank Salinas, Huey Lee, Oli
Tee, Chris Moran, Bill McRea, Travis Stephenson, Corey
Lewis & Winter Valko, Adam Short, John Denton, Craig
Davidson, George Brown, Alex Malave, Dean Holland,
Robert Forras, Alen Sultanic, Shawn Casey, Chris Fox,
Anik Singal, Matt Bacak, Costa Dedes, Willie Crawford,
Matthew Marcus, Aaron Darko, Steven Lee Jones, Ian
Ross, Chris X, Tim Bekker, Dave Guindon, Jordan Hall,
Jeff Paul, Ian Del Carmen, Tim Donovan, Adeel Chowdhry,
Andrew X, Mark Shay, Russell Brunson, Gabor Olah,
Desmond Ong, Paul Ponna, Bobby Walker, Ron Herman,
Alex Shelton, Jason Parker, Nick Marks, Jeff Alderson,
Melford Bibens, Matt Benwell and Many More!!!

Product Details

Software is one of the most talked about topics in the
Internet marketing space right now, but the only
problem is that everyone is selling the same old re-hashed

No one is trying to come up with something new &
improved, so that's where we come in...


Ryan Moran : eTycoon JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, April 12th 2011

Ryan Moran here, and I'd like to give you the opportunity to
give an incredible gift to your subscriber base by teaching
them the CULMINATION of real estate investing and internet

I buy and sell websites. I do it because it's downright the
best investment to make. Nowhere else can you get 100%
- 300% ROI on your investment... it's insane, and I'm
shocked that more people don't do this.

That's why I'll be teaching your subscribers how to identify
and buy income producing websites for pennies on the dollar.

And on April 12th, 2011, I'm going live with my eTycoon

Big guns are already on board. Ryan Deiss, Kevin Wilke, Jeff
Vacek, Travis Sago, and on and on and on... blah, blah, blah.
They all know that betting on this jockey is a sure bet
because they believe in the product. I encourage you to
follow their lead and join me.

Here's where you can be a part of it ...



Matt Marcus, Mal Lambe, Kieran Gill, Mark Lyford, Steve
Fulop, Brian Wynn, Alex Shelton, Mike Merz + Mike Merz Jr.,
Mike Liebner, Daniel Katz, Fabian Lim, Mo Mulla + other
fellow JVNotifyPro partners are waiting in the wings ...
keep your eyes on your Inbox, and follow the action in the



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Cornetta + Reed Floren, Bill Zimmerman, Steven James,
Mark Lyford, Wayne Miller, Tim Atkinson, Jeff Alderson +
Mo Latif, Anik Singal + Jimmy Kim, Glen Ledwell, Paul
Barrs, Sean Gallagher, Stephen Renton, Jonathan Green
+ Joey Smith and others?"



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