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Alex, Nick + Jessica Ortner - The 11th Annual Tapping World Summit Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, February 4th 2019
Launch Day: Tuesday, February 26th 2019

Please Join Us in Promoting the 11th Annual Tapping World Summit Beginning on Feb. 4th, 2019!

Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner, we absolutely love doing this event each year and would not be where we are without the amazing support we get from our affiliates!

If you haven't decided yet if you'll be joining us, what are you waiting for?

This year is going to be the biggest ever! Which is why we're giving out over $83,000 in cash prizes in our affiliate contests!

Short on Time? Jump right on over to the JV Page for complete launch details.

What Is The Tapping World Summit?

The Tapping World Summit is an online event that your subscribers can attend for Free (while it is live). Each day, twice a day for ten days, in our "Virtual Seminar Room" the attendees are personally taught how to use tapping for specific issues. They also get to "tap-along" with the experts for the specific topics. They are walked through each section, step-by-step and learn the fundamentals of Tapping all the way through to the more advanced techniques.

They can listen to each presentation while it is live each day. If they want to own the audios, manual, transcripts and bonuses they need to upgrade and purchase.

It is important to note that this is NOT a tele-seminar series with products being pitched. Each presentation is planned out and prepared far ahead of time to deliver the highest level of content and value possible. Each audio is 100% content.

This high level of content is what has made this event convert so well 10 years in a row and produce over $17 million in sales!

Visit the JV page for Affiliate Registration access and more (experienced Affiliate Marketers, Only, please).

What Is Tapping and Does It Really Work?

Tapping, most commonly known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a type of energy psychology that combines eastern medicine and modern psychology.

It is extremely effective with both physical issues (back pain, headaches, etc) and emotional issues.

If you haven't yet seen our documentary film "The Tapping Solution" make sure to watch the trailer here.

Grab Your Share of Over $83,000 in CASH prizes!

Affiliate Opt-in Contest - Over $41,000 in Cash Prizes (This contest ends on February 25th at 11:59pm).

Affiliate Sales Contest - Over $41,000 in Cash Prizes (This contest ends when we closeout sales on March 15th).

Check out the the Pre-launch Content for this year on the JV page.

Affiliate Commissions

We've done over $17 million dollars in Tapping World Summit Sales over the years! Each year's event has two price points on the purchase of the event.

Here is a breakdown of the initial price points and how much you will earn:

Gold Upgrade Option (Digital Package) - $97 cost - $48.50 commission.

Platinum Upgrade Option (Hard Copy Package) - $197 cost - $98.50 commission.

Launch Schedule

The Pre-launch for the event starts on February 4th. The first thing you have to do is pencil in (and when I say pencil in, I really mean with a red sharpy marker!) the mailing dates of February 4th, 7th, 11th, 14th, and 24th.

You can find the email schedule that we recommend here on the JV page.

We hope you can join us for our 11th Annual Tapping World Summit beginning on Monday, February 4th 2019!

It's guaranteed to be a Huge Success for both the Attendees ... and You as an Affiliate!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Alex, Nick & Jessica Ortner's 11th Annual Tapping World Summit JV Team

(The JV offers made available in this newsletter are not for the inexperienced +/or simply curious to participate in. Only experienced, serious affiliate marketers with the proven ability to generate quality leads and convert and retain sales, only … Please! Problem? Reply to this email with any questions or concerns.)


Buzz Builders

The following Buzz Builders are Premium mailing recipient JV offers made by JVNP 2.0 VIP Partners announced recently in the JVNP 2.0 Update that are either yet to launch, or are still in the pre-launch or launch cycle.

To access the merchant’s JV page, a link to the forum archive of the mailing for discussion, VIP review access (when available) + more … please click the JV Invite/Page link in the Buzz Builder listings, below.

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Emmanuel Akinwale - Morbic Athletes - Self Trainer Premium Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launched Just Last Tuesday, November 27th 2018
Finally ... a Game Changer in the Health and Fitness Niche!

Join us in the launch of the Self Trainer, a smart device personal trainer that grants it's user with refined knowledge that comes from years of real training experiences. 10,000+ CASH PRIZES - COMMISSION/50% FRONTEND/ 100% THE FIRST UPSELL AND DOWNSELL. Emmanuel Akinwale - Morbic Athletes - Self Trainer Premium JV page.


Brett Ingram + Mo Latif – Socifeed: Automated Videos That SELL Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launched Just Last Thursday, November 29th 2018
JVZoo Top Seller ... Don't Miss Out!

130,000+ Units Sold. 39 #1 Best Sellers. NEW Socifeed: Automated Videos That SELL Launch. Earn Up To $415 Per Lead. $9.59 EPC. 24.61% F/E Conversions. 87.1% OTO Conversions. 50% commissions 4 Level-DEEP & HIGH Converting Funnel. $10,000 JV Contest & Cash Prizes, Swipes, Video Ads, Creatives & Much More HERE => Brett Ingram + Mo Latif – Socifeed: Automated Videos That SELL JV page.

Paul Gunter + Andrew Shorten - Greater Minds All-In Contest Fall 2018 Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launched Just Last Friday, November 30th 2018
Grab Your Share of Over $60K Worth of Prizes - As Well as 50% Commission Across ALL Products and Funnels!
All-In means you can promote ANY/ALL of our Law of Attraction programs authored by Katherine Hurst, Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale! There are over $60k worth of prizes to be won - as well as 50% commission across all products and funnels, you have a chance to win cash prizes, click prizes, and golden tickets to the very exclusive Greater Minds 2019 Mastermind! Paul Gunter + Andrew Shorten - Greater Minds All-In Contest Fall 2018 affiliate registration page.

Steven James, John Saeger + Justin Francisco - Explode My Payday Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launched Just YESTERDAY Monday, December 3rd 2018
JV with 2 Former APEX Elite ClickBank Vendors on Their First New CB Launch in 5 Years!
5k Cash, 5k Prizes Being Given Away December 3-14! Hot Conversions, LOW REFUNDS, Happy Customers Join US! Steven James, John Saeger + Justin Francisco - Explode My Payday JV page.

Mike Filsaime + John Cornetta - Groove Kart Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, December 4th - Sunday, December 16th 2018
Get ready to make them Switchify!
GrooveKart is a new eCommerce platform that has been under secret development for over 2 years. GrooveKart will be better, easier, and more affordable, with more features built in standard without having to pay for expensive apps. Launch day is December 4th. $30K+ in JV cash and prizes! Mike Filsaime + John Cornetta - Groove Kart affiliate registration page.


Aidan Booth + Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
Pre-Launch Begins: Wednesday, January 23rd 2019
Launch Day: Tuesday, January 29th 2019
Start Off the New Year with a BANG ... $1248 Commissions Per Sale - $200K Prize Pool - $50K Top Launch Prize & More!

We're expecting this to be our biggest launch to date and a huge pay day for JV and affiliate partners. As usual, you’ll cash in with: - $1248 commissions per sale. - $200,000 prize pool. - $50,000 Top Launch Prize. - $2 per lead during pre-launch. Product details + JV info: Aidan Booth + Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits JV page.


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