Karianne G - Prepare or Perish - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, February 3rd 2016

Insane product in the Survival niche launching in 7 days! (03/01/16). Earn up to 140.25$ per sale! Crazy Launch Event with $10 000 in CASH PRIZES.

Whether January was successful for you or not, make sure February will be! One of the fastest growing and hottest niche of 2016 with a golden product delivered for you on a silver platter. People are scared and would pay ANYTHING to feel secure again. Here’s where you come in, hero!!

Marketer: Karianne Gagnon
Author: Rick G.
Product Name: Prepare or Perish
Front-End price: $39
Funnel Commissions: 75%
JV Page: Karianne6 - Prepare or Perish - JV Invite

Prepare or Perish is a collection of ebooks created by expert survivalists which are PASSIONNED about prepping for disasters and wars. This high quality content, coupled with the massive panic going on worldwide, brings in a LOT of cash for us marketers.

Front-End: $39,
Downsell: $9
Upsell 1: $49
Upsell 2: $99

Jump in while you still can – establish your ads and authority before the market becomes saturated in a few weeks.

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Karianne6 - Prepare or Perish - JV Invite