...or how many questions can I ask in the subject line?

I've been doing some tests with my list. I don't usually e-mail them - pitching - every day. Sometimes, I'll go for days or weeks without sending a broadcast.

But recently, I"ve been testing: Each day for 10 days, I emailed a long story-type, life-lesson e-mail that lead to a product referral.

I thought it was risky. One friend who earns his 200k living from 3 emails each week with a list of 14,000 said that he expects 50 unsubscribes each time he mails, so he wants to make sure the sacrifice is worth the dollars returned.

My short test results were very interesting -

I had about 40 unsubscribes total. Got about 25 personal responses back from people telling me how much they enjoyed the personal stories. But the big thing is that I made more money in that 10 days than I usually do in any 30-day period.

E-mail ain't dead obviously.

But I'm interested in hearing if others have similar experiences.

Have you tested?

Do short pitch emails work as well for you as long story emails?