Let me interduce myself, my name is Oussama KHAZRI, and I'm a full time internet marketer

I don't know if this is the right section to post this JV offer, if it is it's ok, otherwise, I hope that admins and moderators will move this thread to the right section

Well, I'm looking for an american natural health care expert with whom I can do a joint venture in a new online business launch, this business is based on a collection of health digital products (ebooks, audios, and videos series) about how to live healthy naturally. In other words, how to acheive a healthy lifestyle naturally and then selling them online.

I know all about creating websites, marketing strategies, monetizing it...etc, So, i will be taking care of :
  • Developping the marketing strategie
  • Creating the business plan
  • Developping the sales funnel
  • Creating the website (including paiement process, membership creation, support system and more)
  • Creating the graphics of the project (banners, logos, website's design...etc)
  • Putting everything together
  • Advertiseing the business to recruit affiliates and customers
  • Creating ad compains
  • Optimizing ad compains
  • Writing the sales page script (copywriting)
  • Creating and writing samples of email promotion
  • Buying some scripts to use in website creation
  • Video modifications

And a lot more small tasks like split testing...etc

I will focus on all the tasks mentioned above, and if there are additional tasks to do for our both benifice, I will not hesitate to do it

I will even take care of the financial side of this business, all what I need is a US native english speaker health care expert who can take care of our future digital products and content creations so we can satisfy the needs of our future customers, you will have as principal missions:
  • Contribute in choosing the right products depending on the needs of the market (as you are a health care expert, you know what exactly peoples are suffering from better than I do)
  • Creating the digital products (based on your knowledge, our researche, and the content tha I already have).
  • Contribute in creating the marketing content (such as the sales page script, email promotions,…etc) by letting me know the main problems of peoples, their exact needs, fairs, objections…etc so that our sales page will have the maximum sales.
  • Helping me to determinate the exact needs of people so that we can provide the best products for them.
  • Proofreading and reviewing what i will write, as english is not my primary language
  • Take care of our future customers support and answer their inquiries
  • Record audios and videos (if necessary)

You wil invest nothing, you will not do a hard work, about the products creation, I've bought many health care articles and ebooks (thousands of articles in diffirent niches) so you can have many references to get based on beside your own researche and experience to create our future products.

So, what I'm looking for is a joint venture and a partnership based on serious involvement, patience and dynamism, I'm looking for a partner who is willing to invest himself in this project and whose main goal is the success of our future business, you will focus on everything related to the content of our future products, also if we need to do additional tasks that will help us increase our revenues, we may do it.

About the profits, you will have 30% of our total benifits.

If you are interested in a long term and a serious partnership in a serious business, please reply to me as soon as possible or email me at oussamakhazri@gmail.com so we can talk about the details.