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Thread: Copywriter with PROVEN RESULTS and Conversions! $147 special for new clients!

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    Copywriter with PROVEN RESULTS and Conversions! $147 special for new clients!

    Calling All Entrepreneurs: if your customers aren't willingly handing over fistfuls of cash and making you flat out rich, read this page immediately!

    Wanted: Business owners ready to make more cash than ever before & guarantee each project explodes out of the gate with maximum success!

    If you want your business to erupt into a firestorm of white-hot profit, you need somebody with a proven track record of delivering results and someone that is offering Sales Letters for just $147 to NEW CLIENTS only to test us out….

    Check Out This Amazing Video Testimonial From a Fellow WF Member Regarding Lethal Marketing Solutions:

    Schedule a free ULTIMATE CONVERSION consultation and claim your $147 New Client Special Sales Letter by emailing me at lethalmarketingsolutions@outlook.com or add me via skype under: lethalmarketingsolutions and we can WORK TOGETHER to ensure that your next product launch not only converts but dominates the niche you are in!

    Dear Smart Entrepreneur,

    Let's get right to it.

    You're a business owner. Entrepreneur. Website owner, offline business…
    … however you say it, you're in it to make money, right?

    That means you need a steady stream of cash from your customers.

    You need to turn potential customers into actual customers. As many as possible. Hordes of them. You want them hungry for your products and services, kicking your door down and scrambling to stuff fat wads of cash into your pockets…

    … And you need them to be doing it over and over. You want every new customer to become a regular customer, happily handing over more and more money to your business.

    Bottom line, if all that's not happening already, you need to make it happen.

    And if you don't know how to do that, you need somebody who does.
    You need a direct response copywriter/marketing consultant who knows how to make things happen. You need somebody with a history of making those things happen — over and over again for a variety of clients in a variety of markets.

    I live and breathe internet marketing and have really dedicated my life to running successful online businesses.

    Since the early 2000’s I have written direct response marketing materials and created cash generating sales funnels for all types of products and I am sure you can fully agree that building custom products is very time consuming and for people just starting out it can sometimes be just plain confusing and frustrating and that is why you NEED an experienced team of marketers that not only are up to date to help guide you through your first product launch but to also provide you with an array of direct response marketing tools that will enable you to cash in like you NEVER HAVE BEFORE!

    For you experienced internet marketers you know that having direct response marketing materials is essential for anyone considering web marketing as a career!

    It's not just social networking ... or mobile marketing ... or Big Data ... or list segmentation ... that generates superior direct marketing results.

    It's powerful, persuasive direct response copywriting:

    Knowing how to write potent, compelling copy for landing pages, squeeze pages, web sites, e-mails, sales letters, and ads that drive clicks, conversions, and sales through the roof - and make more money online and offline.

    The Problem with going at it alone… Time is Money…

    And The Average Person Does Not Have the Time to Play the Trial and Error Game… YOU NEED INSTANT RESULTS!

    The problem is you leave money on the table with every internet marketing endeavor that you take on if you do not invest in high converting sales copy!


    My name is Monica Clement and I provide the highest level of content creation and direct response copywriting to help my clients achieve their revenue goals.

    When you're in a position where you MUST generate response and revenue, contact me.

    When I'm writing, the most important goal is to persuade readers to take the next step in the sales process—to CONVERT the traffic you're generating into a client, customer, or highly qualified lead.

    I can write direct response copy plus copy for the corporate environment.

    My clients include companies, agencies, and small businesses from London to Los Angeles and from Brisbane to Borneo. I'm constantly learning and striving to improve my copy. To achieve this and increase *your* revenue I'm currently taking 3x sellerator and Ryan Deiss’s The Machine to help conversions rates!

    Your Solution to Not Wasting Time and Money and to Start a Real Online Business That Will Start Earning You Profits Quicker than You Ever Imagined!

    Here's how I can make YOU more money

    Maybe you have an online business. Maybe you're offline… or direct mail, mobile, brick and mortar…

    … whatever.

    Really, it doesn't matter what business you're in.

    Doesn't matter what your products are.

    Doesn't matter what you're looking for - sales video scripts, webinar scripts, traditional sales letters, marketing advice, direct mail pieces, email campaigns…

    … or even if you just want me to work my magic and give you insights into why your current project is tanking.

    As long as your business is legal and ethical, I can help you rake in more dough than you are right now.

    How will I do it?

    By applying the principles of direct response - all those secrets I've fought long and hard for, all the stuff I've studied for years and years…

    … those same secrets that have generated millions of dollars for other people that have worked with me.

    You hire me, my job is to make you more money.

    Because you want results, right?

    You don't want to throw your money into a black hole and just hope you wind up with a profit at the end of it. You want to hire a pro with a proven track record of generating profits.

    Big, meaty profits. Delivered sizzling on a plate, just for you.

    And that's what I do.

    I eat, sleep, drink and breathe conversions and high-octane marketing tactics… and I'm itching to unload all my firepower onto your next project.

    Or your current one, if you have something that you just know isn't performing like it should.

    Can you imagine what it's going to feel like to go live with your next project and explode into success immediately…

    … just like some of my clients mentioned above have gotten?

    Can you imagine how it feels to have those kinds of profits flooding your bank account every minute of every day?

    Well here's the thing…

    … You don't need to imagine it.

    You can experience it for yourself.

    To do that… or to drag that tired old product up from the depths and start generating the kind of profits you deserve…

    Schedule Your Free Consultation TODAY!...

    To Go Over Your Product Launch, Develop a Strategic Direct Response Copy Plan...

    And for Me to Gain Information to Write High Converting Copy for ALL OF YOUR PROJECT NEEDS!

    I look forward to helping you generate leads and revenue. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discover more about your revenue goals and your current obstacles. I provide a free initial consultation for serious direct marketers.

    I'm happy to provide ideas so you gain a sense of how you can improve conversion and generate more revenue and to provide you with a custom quote based on your project needs!

    If you are just starting out and looking to get started into internet marketing or you are already an experienced marketer looking to expand your product portfolio and you are in the market for a company with a proven record of providing:

    • Landing Pages
    • Squeeze Pages
    • Sales Copy- Short Form
    • Direct Mail
    • Long form Clickbank Style copy (web and direct mail)
    • Sales Funnel Planning and Coaching
    • Copy for entire websites
    • Email marketing
    • Autoresponders
    • Display ads
    • AdWords ads
    • B2B Copywriting
    • AdWords landing pages
    • Ebooks
    • Special reports
    • Video sales letters (VSLs)
    • Infomercial scripts
    • Brochures
    • Content you can sell
    • Completed Sales Videos
    • Fully Designed Sales Letters with PSD files
    Plus, much more!

    If you are interested in more than one item, do not worry I will not charge you full price for each item.

    I offer amazing package deals. Contact me today!

    I promise to provide the best pricing and the best conversions at the same time!

    I NEVER miss a deadline and also offer a 30 day REVISION GUARANTEE!

    Tired of the BS excuses copywriters give you for late copy? Delaying your entire project and leaving you hostage to them until they deliver because you know requesting a refund is a nightmare and then you have to find a new copywriter…

    So you wait…

    And left at their MERCY. Until finally you have it and then often times you need revisions causing EVEN MORE DELAYS!


    I NEVER miss a deadline. I set TAT based on what if an emergency pops up so that is covered. My personal life SHOULD NEVER effect business and should never feel hostage to your copywriter.

    You should feel comfortable and have a relationship that is long term with your copywriter because you keep coming back to them for work not because you have been waiting weeks for your copy to be delivered.

    You have an entire 30 days to test out our direct response copy and if it isn’t converting the way you like, we will revise it until it is siphoning in the commissions that you would like to see!

    My Portfolio

    I have been writing Direct Response Copy, Creating Mind Blowing Video Sales Letters, Videos and Auto-Responder sequences that convert… Plus much more for well over a decade.

    I have thousands of samples that I can share. Simply send me a PM or email me directly at lethalmarketingsolutions@outlook.com or add me via skype under lethalmarketingsolutions and I let me know what niche you would like samples in and I will immediately send you a variety of samples so that you can see my writing style and why it is highly sought after.

    I provide custom quotes based on project needs. As the average marketer never comes to me with just a sales letter I do not feel it is fair to piece out each item that you need to order and charge you full price. That is why I provide you with a list of my normal pricing and then a discounted package quote for you so that you can have HIGH CONVERTING copy that won’t break the bank and copy that you won’t need to hire another writer to rewrite because it didn’t convert well.

    I am definitely no newbie and I am here to PROVIDE you with the highest converting copy that you have ever experienced before.

    My clients come back to me over and over again! Just because I am new here doesn’t mean I don’t have an array of clients that use my services on a monthly basis! I am here today to acquire a few more clients to grow my portfolio and that is it.

    Any successful business owner will tell you never put all your eggs in one basket and by advertising here I am ensuring that I have leads coming in non-stop! Just like you want too!

    To Schedule a free ULTIMATE CONVERSION consultation and claim your $147 New Client Special Sales Letter, email me at lethalmarketingsolutions@outlook.com or add me via skype under: lethalmarketingsolutions and we can WORK TOGETHER to ensure that your next product launch not only converts but dominates the niche you are in!

    To YOUR Conversions Increasing,

    Monica Clement

    Lethal Marketing Solutions

    Email: lethalmarketingsolutions@outlook.com

    Skype: lethalmarketingsolutions

    Or Send me a Message Via my Private Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lethalmarketingsolutions

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/monicaclement
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    i will use your service

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