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Thread: Mastering "The Art Of The JV"

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    Mastering "The Art Of The JV"

    Mastering "The Art Of The JV"
    Copyright 2007 by Willie Crawford

    To many marketers in the "Internet Marketing" niche, setting
    up a joint venture (a JV) has become synonymous with recruiting
    "super affiliates" to promote a product launch. While only one
    of many possible types of joint ventures, that is the type of
    JV that this article focuses on.

    This article addresses facts that you need to understand in
    order to become a Master of "The Art Of The JV."

    This article is specifically addressed to the individuals
    seeking to persuade super affiliates to JV with them.

    Mastering "The Art Of The JV" actually isn't that difficult.
    It's something that many seasoned veterans within "The
    Internet Marketing Inner Circle" have done. It only requires
    acknowledging and adopting the proper mindset...which leads
    to naturally taking certain actions.

    As a seasoned joint venture broker, and lifetime member of
    The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, please allow me to share
    with you just seven concept that once fully integrated into
    your thinking, and modus-operandi, WILL make you a MASTER of
    The Art Of The Joint Venture.

    The 7 Concepts are:

    1) Joint venturing is not just asking someone to promote your
    product. In the Internet Marketing niche in particular, lots
    of novice marketers equate joint venturing with recruiting super
    affiliates. Most super affiliate have countless products that
    they can promote (their own products and the products of
    partners). To such people, a joint venture often means a
    long-term multi-faceted arrangement.

    2) Joint venturing is not just about the money! Many super
    affiliates are frequently offered 60-100% commission. Some are
    even surprisingly offered greater than 100% commission, so money
    is usually NOT their main motivator.

    In case you're wondering how anyone could afford to pay greater
    than 100% commission, think backend!

    3) Successful joint venturing does often hinge upon who you
    know. Man is a social creature and we thrive upon socializing,
    getting to know people, and becoming friends. We like to work
    with those that we actually know and also often make decisions
    based upon the recommendations of those we know. Often, joint
    ventures are landed when you are recommended by a friend of your
    "target" JV partner.

    4) An irresistible joint venture proposal must answer the “What'
    In It For Me?” question. Too many people approach seeking
    joint ventures without really asking what the other party wants
    most! Seek joint ventures by first attempting to see the world
    through the other person's eyes, and you'll get better results.

    5) In seeking joint ventures in many niches, you are facing very
    stiff competition. Many novice product developers seem to
    completely ignore the fact that they are only one-of-MANY
    releasing similar products in the same timeframe. Come to the
    table prepared to prove how your product is superior, and why
    your joint venture proposal is more desirable.

    6) Being a part of the in crowd... “the inner circle,” can give
    you a definite advantage. Most of us have a circle of trusted
    friends. We have people that we have grown to know, like and
    trust, and that's who we prefer working with (all things being
    equal). That DOES mean that you may need to break into your
    desired joint venture partners' inner circles.

    7) The Law of Reciprocity is an inviolate law of human
    interactions. It applies to every human culture that
    anthropologists have ever studied. The law requires that when
    someone does something nice for you, you're obligated to do
    something nice for them in return. It requires that when
    someone does you a favor, that you seek ways to reciprocate.

    Learn to deliberately tap into that law by doing nice things for
    others... particularly potential JV partners. That's not
    diabolical - that's engineering a "yes!"

    These are just a few of the concepts that you really do need
    a firm grasp of in order to be a Master Of The Joint Venture.
    Master these concepts and landing more lucrative joint
    ventures will require MUCH less effort. Study and practice
    "The Art Of The JV" until much of it is habit, and you will
    one day discover that you HAVE "Mastered" it.

    Willie Crawford is professional joint venture broker, and the
    catalyst behind The Internet Marketing Inner Circle. Join
    Willie and hundreds of seasoned joint venture masters networking
    and making deals at: http://TheInternetMarketingInnerCircle.com

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    Re: Mastering "The Art Of The JV"

    Thanks for the "back to basics" reality check, Willie.

    I know that this forum is supposed to be for "pros" only, but I think this article should be part of the "Read This First" thread so that newcomers can get a reality check about JV.

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    Re: Mastering "The Art Of The JV"

    I'll have to 2nd that
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    Re: Mastering "The Art Of The JV"

    Ah yes rule 7...Bees to Honey Philosophy.

    thanks for that post
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    Re: Mastering "The Art Of The JV"

    You're always right on target Willie. I especially like where you said,
    "Seek joint ventures by first attempting to see the world
    through the other person's eyes, and you'll get better results."

    So true.... It becomes so much clearer when you put yourself in the
    other person's shoes.

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