Hello to everyone I am doing work on line since from 2013 but till now didn’t get any success I tried first
Ptc sites ,but not get any success , now since last six months I tried to do affiliate marketing I go to so many internet
Marketing gurus websites like john chow, matt Lloyd,richardlegg, Shaqir Hussyin,
Ritoban Chakrabarti, anik singhal, and so and so…………………..
Every internet guru told he want to help peoples to become rich and give their products but can you

Think that a person who is struggling since last 2 years to get success, and since last 6 moths

Left the job which he don’t like can afford the fees which all internet marketing gurus ask to start

Like 500$, 1000$, 2000$ can pay, I ask to so many persons I can pay in installment but I did not get any
Answer because every one is on autoresponder I think they did not read the mails. Is there any real
Person who can trust me and help me,believe me I want to work but I have no money,if you believe
On your systems then please I request to help me I will pay per month 100$ in installment or if system
Is really so powerful as all of you say I will pay as I will earn, waiting for real help.you can contact me on
My personal mail id deepakk2502@gmail.com
Deepak Kumar