Experience Israel Now - Contest and Launch - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, July 15th 2015

To our JV Partners:

Thanks so much for helping us share some exciting small-group Bible studies with a wider audience. Using a combination of Google Earth technology and high-definition video from Israel, “Secrets from the Ancient Paths” is unlike any small-group study in existence.

There is a great demand for small-group studies for the estimated 350,000 churches in America. Most of those churches have small groups as a part of their structure, multiplying the potential market for small-group studies many times over.

What is a “small group?” It’s exactly what it sounds like. While a church might have 100, 200 or 2,000 people in attendance each Sunday, smaller groups of attenders – maybe 8 to 20 people in each group – meet each week to study the Bible and make new friends. Many of those groups meet in homes and are led by people just like you. In a few weeks, they’ll be surfing the Internet, looking for their next small-group study.

I’ve been a pastor for 26 years and I know how churches work. When school starts in August, church attendance soars. By September, new small groups will have been formed or old ones will be reunited. That means hunting season for that next small-group study is nearly upon us!

We’ve been testing “Secrets from the Ancient Paths” for four years. Without fail, every age group responds positively to it. People who’ve read the Bible all their lives – including pastors – are surprised at the lessons they learn when they study the land of the Bible. Our only challenge now is getting the word out. And that’s where you come in!

If you’ll help us market this product, we’ll give you 50 percent of the $34.95 sales price for each study you sell, as well as 50% on add-ons. Once we hit our minimum threshold of sales, we’ll also give away nearly $6,000 in cash prizes for our most successful partners.

By the way, I’m also an author (four books) and a guy who leads tours to Israel. When I looked for video-driven resources to show my own church the incredible lessons the land of Israel has to offer readers of the Bible, I discovered there were precious few resources out there. That’s why I started Experience Israel Now and that’s how “Secrets from the Ancient Paths” came into being.

If you have any questions, contact me directly through our web site. And thanks again for helping us spread the word about the Secrets!

Andy Cook

Experience Israel Now - Contest and Launch - JV Invite