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Thread: How do you go about sharing on a co-op launch?

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    Question How do you go about sharing on a co-op launch?

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm in the process of creating a product with one other person. I've written the e-book, developed the sales site and acted as mentor whilst the other guy has created the videos and provided the domain & hosting. However, I'm not concerned about the division of labour, more about the spoils when we launch. (Don't look for it on the lists yet but Real Soon Now).

    The profits is no problem - 50/50 split is easy to work out, but how do we go about sharing the sign ups?

    I wondered if we could each launch everything together - duplicate everything from JVZoo onwards and effectively be rivals for the same product? Not sure if they would allow 2 copies of the same product.

    Would a 'gentlemen's agreement' to do solo ads for the other work any better? The only other alternative I can think of offhand is to say "You take them for this product and next product, I'll take them".

    Is there any way of alternating whose autoresponder the buyers go to? I suspect not, but I'm wondering how other product creation co-ops go about sharing the precious buyers list.

    I'd be interested in your thoughts good people.


    Steven Lucas

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    Why not create one list for the leads to go to for this launch to promote to and continue your JV agreement (50/50) in regards to that list. This way the lead only receives response from their actual opt-in and both of you effectively keep 100% of the leads.

    In other words, the two of you would make an agreement on the creation and management of the particular list as well as for promoting to that list and share the proceeds generated from the list.

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    Hi Steven,

    This may be a little late to help you out. There is a new market place that is doing a soft launch this week. It is called DUvisio.com. It is a similar platform to JVZoo in that it pays instant commissions. It does a lot of things different from JVZoo one being that it makes it extremely easy to do joint ventures.

    You are having a problem of collecting the buyer information in both you and your partner's autoresponder. Well, DUvisio.com makes it possible for you and your partner to collect the buyer info in separate autoresponders.

    As DUvisio.com is just launching, you would need to invite your own affiliates to join DUvisio.com to promote your product.

    Making it easier to do joint ventures is only one of the things that differentiate DUvisio.com from all the other instant commission systems.

    One other very big difference is that DUvisio.com prevents fraud from affiliates and vendors. All the other platforms do nothing to help prevent this fraud except to say not to approve any affiliates for instant commissions that you don't know.

    At DUvisio.com vendors do not do the approving of affiliates. The software at DUvisio.com determines which affiliates will receive instant commission payments and which affiliates will receive delayed payments that will be paid automatically at 60 days after the sale. The system actually has PayPal determine which people will be allowed to become vendors and which people will be allowed to receive instant commission payments.

    This means that affiliates don't have to have vendor approval to promote a vendor's product.

    It even has a system to pay JV brokers a second tier instant commission making it possible to hire a JV Broker to help recruit affiliates to promote your products.

    It allows digital, physical and service type products. It does a lot more that the other platforms. But, please remember it will be in beta for six months so there are bound to be an unforeseen glitch here or there.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim

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