Shaun Baxter - 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge - JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, May 26th 2015

I've enjoyed 19 years of success in helping people change their lives forever. For me personally the enjoyment of heloing people achieve lifestyle health and fitness is far greater than any other job I could imagine. I always wanted to go online but never knew how to do it until I saw a product from Alex Jeffreys. From then on on wanted more and more info about how to do it all.

I have now been privately coached by Alex and am pleased, yet very nervous to announce my first ever online launch on Tuesday 26th May 2015. Although very new to this, I can assure all affiliates the utmost professionalism in which I have learned from Alex.

I'm providing all the email swipes, banners, logos etc. Ive provided a JV Tools page as well as the JV page in which the link is below.

The product I know is very rewarding and easily has a value of over $400 just in materials alone. I have offered the product at $9.95 for mass volume of sales and the ease in which to obtain the sale and allow a generous income of 100% FE commission at $9.95 and 50 oto commission with a price of $37.

I look forward to speaking with any person that has questions. This is literally my first 30 minutes on this site, so do not fully understand what to expect or what should be written here.

Thank you for taking the time in reading. Once you see the JV page you will see that I have fully automated everything for you just as Alex does in all his campaigns.

Thanks once again.

My JV Page link is:

Shaun Baxter - 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge - JV Invite