I'm a Crowdfunding specialist and I'm looking for a sharp marketing partner for a new
Kickstarter campaign I just developed for a credit card sized phone charger. It's called
the Jumper Card - here's the draft page: http://goo.gl/XuoNAW

Here are recent Crowdfunding campaigns for similar products - minimalist phone chargers:

* Sonic Cable - $482k http://goo.gl/zcxaOR
* ChargeTech - $157k http://goo.gl/W48YTV
* InCharge - $411k http://goo.gl/97WNU5
* GoKey - $1.1M http://goo.gl/lmelbC
* Jump Cable - $372k https://goo.gl/VgKDIl

I'll take care of the product, video, pitch page, website, rewards, fulfillment, customer service,
payment processing etc. You do the advertising, marketing & promotion and we'll split 50-50.

Earl Brown
e: ebrown [at] jumpercard.com
p: 805-984-2925