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Thread: NEED JV Broker/Affiliate Manager In The Personal Development Niche (Wealth)

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    Smile NEED JV Broker/Affiliate Manager In The Personal Development Niche (Wealth)

    Good Morning/Evening,

    If you're someone with great contacts in the Personal Development niche and/or you think you can sway a few guys with make money lists into promoting a great funnel then I'd love to hear from you.

    I'm working with a client with an excellent track record on Clickbank as well as JVZoo so I expect this to be another massively successful launch BUT it is "new" territory for us so we'd like some additional help and are willing to offer an attractive package to someone who can give us an advantage.

    As this is my first post here I'm not 100% sure on the forum rules so I won't leave my details here just in case I violate any rules but if you're interested in a payment + commission deal then leave your details on this thread and I'll come to you.

    The copy is great, product is excellent and it's 75% across the whole funnel for affiliates so it's not even a hard sell :-)

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    Hi, Jacob ... you can leave email or skype contact details, if you wish. To avoid scraping, I'd format the email addy as yournameATyourdomainDOTcom.


    Mike Sr

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    Hi Jacob

    As a JV Broker i do have some contacts in PD area who have relatively Big Lists, in Spirituality, coaching sectors.

    Drop me a email at jointventureexperts@gmail.com


    Tony Lorns
    Business owners look to work with me and my team who become frustrated at the time and Marketing

    costs it takes to find new clients, and penetrating new markets,for there products and services.

    With very little risk and NO UPFRONT costs involved, Joint Ventures will help you gain you competitive

    advantage in your market, at a fraction of time, it would normally take through conventional sales

    methodologies and practices.

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    Hi Tony,

    I have a similar request, but for the eCommerce niche. Would you mind if I reached out to you also?



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