Paul Hoffman - Sculptations - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, April 1st 2015

So what is Sculptations?

Sculptations is a revolutionary SUBCONSCIOUS SUCCESS SYSTEM Brain Entrainment technology, that incorporates our proprietary MRT technology embedded in our unique MINDTUNES music. This provides the user with a multi sensory experience while resetting, rewiring and recoding their brain for success.

There are 9 different SCULPTATIONS series in our Level 1 Collection with each series having 8 SUBCONSCIOUS SUCCESS SYSTEM audio tracks that have our DYNAMIC MIND-SCULPTING VISUALIZATION process. The 9 Series are “Good Morning Great Day, Sharper Focus, Advanced Millionaire Mindset, Ideal Weight, Love And Intimacy, UNSTOPPABLE You, Creativity And Inspiration, Relaxation And Rejuvenation and Good Night Sweet Dreams.

SCULPTATIONS truly is the cutting edge advantage your tribe can easily use to “Sculpt The Ideal Life They Want To Live.” And here’s the good news …because their is so much variety and versatility with SCULPTATIONS, we believe It is a perfect fit for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, FITNESS AND WEIGHTLOSS, RELATIONSHIPS and BUSINESS AND MONEY MAKING Lists.

It is the easiest and fastest way to re-program your subconscious mind for success!

This launch has many touch points that offer you the ability to receive your 50% commissions, prizes and surprises. The product is $97.00 and for the amount of value we are giving we believe that it is a no brainer…we have great upsells and downsells as well.

So once your in…THE MOOLAH KEEPS ON ROLLING AND FLOWING $$$. We have MULTIPLE CONTESTS planned and our goal is to make sure that everyone walks away a winner no matter what!

Paul Hoffman - Sculptations - JV Invite