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Thread: Newsletter building service

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    Newsletter building service

    Hi friends,

    I, along with one of my friend have started a newsletter building company very recently. I am a Marketing person and he is an Art Director in a leading Health care magazine. He also does many other magazines for other publishing companies. Here are a few excerpts of his designs he did in past..


    As we are just starting out, we are giving a huge discount on first 100 clients. We are charging just 1/3rd of our competitor's price. The service costs just USD 50$. If you like the first copy, you can continue to place orders for the subsequent months. There is no long term contract. You may opt-in for a monthly basis. We are very much confident to deliver you the best work and on time.

    The services in a nut-shell:

    Each month, we'll take responsibility to get your newsletter articles written, duly proofread.

    Prior to this, we'll do a market research to your business's niche to understand the core subject of it so as we may give you the best of our services when we prepare articles for your newsletter.

    We'll provide you with 3 Royalty Free Stock Images matching to your business's niche.

    We'll make sure your newsletter designed is attractive enough to draw attention of your prospects and that it could convert well.

    We'll send you the 'ready to send' newsletter by the last day of every month; so as it becomes extremely easy for you to dispatch them to your mailing list, in time.

    And to remind you of this once again that - "All this for a one-third of the market price"
    So what are you waiting for!

    Please email us at pv@newsetterdesign.co

    Still not convince.

    You may be curious why a newsletter is so darn effective. Here are a few reasons why:

    1. Most people read newsletters with their "Guard Down." This is a key reason why they are so effective, because newsletters are not perceived as simply another sales solicitation.

    Dan Kennedy puts it this way, "People are conditioned to be less resistant to reading 'information' (such as articles) than advertising."

    2. Your Customers Look Forward to Receiving It.

    3. Newsletters Are an Effective Way to Introduce New Products and Services.

    4. Customer Newsletters Are a Highly-effective 'Referral' Tool.

    (Hint: this is where you get New customers from - and these new customer are pre-sold!)

    But if that's true, "why doesn't every business use a newsletter?"

    That's a great question, and here's the answer! Despite the overwhelming evidence and proof as to the incredible effectiveness of a customer newsletter in bringing in more repeat and referral business, not every business uses one.

    When business owners are asked why, the top two reasons given are:

    1. Because producing an effective newsletter that gets results take too long, and
    2. I never know what to put in it!

    And that is precisely why for too many companies, even with their best of intentions, it just never gets done!

    To be fair, most entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many other hats and have many responsibilities. So when push comes to shove, the monthly newsletter always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, or doesn't get done at all, and that's a costly mistake.

    If you have never started a newsletter for fear that you wouldn't have enough time or know what to put in it, then newsletterdesign.co is the perfect solution for you and your business!

    Please email us at pv@newsetterdesign.co

    Thank you!
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