Samantha Skelly - Beating The Binge - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, February 9th 2015

I'm looking to build lasting affiliate relationships so we can equally benefit from helping others benefit from my program.

Beating The Binge offers a 75% commission to all affiliates as well as a reoccurring subscription to generate continual passive income.

This course is a 12 week course teaching people how to lose weight effortlessly without dieting by working with them step-by-step to overcome binge eating.

I'm Samantha Skelly, the creator of the course and the founder of a company called Hungry For Happiness. Our mission is to offer accessible eating disorder recovery to all. This course helps liberate those we are suffering in silence from eating disorders.

This product converts at 1.34%.

Samantha Skelly - Beating The Binge - JV Invite