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Thread: Sweepstakes and contests

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    Sweepstakes and contests

    Working on my business plan. Anyone have experience using woobox.com as part of a joint venture? What about the use of sweepstakes and contests in general as part of a launch? Thanks in advance.

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    I do not have any direct experience with WooBox. I did run a promo once on my FB page using WooBox but I had a company managing my business FB page at the time so no direct involvement in setup, etc.

    However, I do have experience with ViralSweep. I have found it to be a good feature rich platform. If you are shopping around I have also heard Contest Domination is rather good.

    Sweepstakes and Contest in general are complicated. It takes some time and marketing to get it humming. And, your prize(s) will have an effect too. Obviously, if your prize is a new shiny iPad you will probably get tons of entries. But, are they the entries you are looking for?

    I currently have a sweepstakes running using ViralSweep.

    Oh, I almost forgot ViralSweep does have a guide with a lot of information about sweepstakes for more information: http://www.viralsweep.com/advanced-sweepstakes-guide/

    BTW, I am not affiliated with ViralSweep I just have the most experience with them as a user.

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    I launched a membership site back in 2006 using a JV Giveaway. I believe I had around 700 jv giveaway partners participate in donating products they usually sold in return for the person who downloaded their product opting into their list.

    Since I was the owner of the giveaway I was able to show a One Time Offer for my membership site to every visitor the 700 jv partners sent to the giveaway.

    I ended up with over 3,000 members joining my membership site in only one week. So I used something similar and it worked very well for me.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim

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