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Thread: Hidden Low-Competition Keywords with Penny PPC Bids: Affiliates! Get Ready for 2015

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    Hidden Low-Competition Keywords with Penny PPC Bids: Affiliates! Get Ready for 2015

    If we need to produce the top 3 list of the product promo tools which affiliates are ignoring more and more today, the PPC tool has to be first.

    Yet, this tool remains what you, as an affiliate, can leverage to turn your promos into great profits.

    I say that because of what I have discovered using Google Keyword Planner to dig out hidden low-competition keywords with penny PPC bids and with thousands of average monthly searches. I don't need to doubt that you also know that the combination of all these provides high product visibility to prospects.

    This is an example of what I mean by that:

    Within the eye health niche, I discovered the pink eye sub-niche:

    Keyword: Pink eye
    Average Monthly Searches: 301,000
    Competition: Low
    Suggested Bid: $0.46

    Want to look at a few examples of the long-tail keywords relating to the pink eye sub-niche?

    Here, you have them:

    Keyword: Pink eye symptoms
    Average Monthly Searches: 60,500
    Competition: Low
    Suggested Bid: $0.63

    Keyword: How to treat pink eye
    Average Monthly Searches: 8,000
    Competition: Low
    Suggested Bid: $0.61

    Keyword: Symptoms of pink eye
    Average Monthly Searches: 22,200
    Competition: Low
    Suggested Bid: $0.44

    And so on...

    (When you have time, please go and confirm the above figures with Google Keyword Planner)

    Why did I feel that I should share the facts and figures with you now? It is because, regarding affiliate promo approach, I see the necessity for many affiliates to have new ideas, renewed outlook and concentrated actions so that their promo energy will attract better outcomes in the year 2015.

    Also, I share the facts and figures with you now because as 2014 closes, I want you to consider the idea of leveraging the penny side of Google AdWords for your promos. I think doing this is better than promoting with email swipes which are, by context, quite unsocial and, by content, make you appear 'needy' to your prospects. The fact is that appearing to your prospects as either unsocial or needy is a sales-killer when it comes to email promos.

    While I will be back to educate you on what I mean by ‘unsocial’ email swipes and being needy, for now, just plan and get ready so that you can leverage and enjoy campaigning with penny PPC keywords in 2015.

    Here is a quick hint…

    To get penny PPC keywords, you wouldn't need to search for niches. Enough of that kind of searches because they continue to return high and high competition. You will better search for keywords in market sub-niches. It will please you to know that you wouldn't need any special knowledge to get the sub-niches keywords you may want.

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