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Thread: Product Launches will Explode Your List Building and create M.A.G.I.C

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    Product Launches will Explode Your List Building and create M.A.G.I.C


    One of the biggest benefits of product launches is your list size can really skyrocket and not just your sales.

    List building also creates pure M.A.G.I.C.

    M stands for Money.

    You can make money from your list in many ways such as creating and selling your
    own products or selling affiliate products to your list.Instead of just doing product launches to build a list, if you don't have a list yet you can even rent outside customers lists from other companies in your market using list brokers.

    A list broker will rent you a list of highly targeted people who have purchased several
    other information products in your market place. You can even rent a leads list and
    once these leads purchase from you now they are on your customer database and
    you pay no more money for the list rental.

    If you have your auto responder set up you can set up a sequence of emails so
    when someone joins your list they are taken through a daily sequence of automatic
    sent emails and you can make money that way.

    A stands for awareness

    Its critical that as you build your list via product launches that you are aware of what your list wants and listen
    to their feedback. This not only allows you to sell your list relevant products that
    they want but builds a connection with your audience at the same time.

    One way you can create awareness is by sending out a survey to your list asking
    them some questions. The feedback you get from your list will be priceless. If you
    go to surveymonkey.com you can set up a free survey and send this out to them and
    get instant feedback.

    G stands for gateway

    When you start building a very big sized list you will attract the attention of the
    bigger gurus in your market place and your name gets out there and you get well known.
    It will open doors that may have been previously closed for you especially in the area of getting joint ventures with these big gurus that you would not of been able to do before plus you attract the attention of lots of super affiliates.

    I stands for Interaction

    When you start to build your email list using your product launches always try and
    get your prospects to interact with you during your launch. Not only will you be
    releasing a product that is tailored to their needs but allowing them to sneak peak
    on your product development and ride off the buzz its creating in the marketplace.

    Ask your list to comment on your blog as a 2 way interaction to kick start this

    C stands for credibility

    You can gain massive credibility with your audience by sending regular emails to
    your list. This gains massive trust as long as you don't come across as a sales person
    in your emails.

    When you send emails just selling all the time and adding no value to your prospects
    you can expect a lot of unsubscribers.

    Instead you need to position yourself as an expert authority and trusted
    advisor in your niche so they see you more like a trusted friend.

    Anyway i hope this helps you out.


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    Awesome post Mark!

    Bookmarked :-)

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