Nelson Winters - Excel Everest - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, November 5th 2014

Excel Everest is a company that strives to help people learn Excel in a super interactive and ideally fun way. You can think of Excel Everest as a book written about Excel but created inside Excel itself. It is truly an enjoyable way to learn.

Excel Everest is best suited for the beginning / intermediate Excel user. It is NOT for the pro user to get better. Here are the elements that differentiate Excel Everest from the rest:

***** Excel Based – The whole course takes place inside Excel
***** All in one package – one file gives you access to all the information
***** Structured course – walks you through the course step-by-step, ongoing support as you learn
***** Intuitive Interface - easy to navigate around and access any part of the course
***** Interactive – the program monitors and grades your progress.
***** Real Practice – real practice problems with examples
***** Comprehensive – covers all the most important Excel topics
***** Affordable – well below the price point of expensive courses and packages (costs $49 per program)
***** Quick – hands on approach allows you to acquire the skills 2-3 times faster
***** Fun – the course offers entertaining exercises and humor

Nelson Winters - Excel Everest - JV Invite