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Thread: Where do I start? Advice Please! 1st Launch coming soon. . .

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    Cool Where do I start? Advice Please! 1st Launch coming soon. . .

    Hey guys I was just wondering about a couple of things. I am launching my first product as a vendor in a few months and I am wanting a little advice. I want the BEST Launch possible. I am not here to fail.

    1st. What would be the smartest thing to do first? An affiliate page, sales letter, take care of the banners, create website etc? I watched a video with John Chow where he said to do the marketing first. . . please give me feedback on that.

    2nd. What will sell better? Software, or eBooks?

    3rd. How many affiliates should I have before launch?

    4th. How much does a average vendor make on a launch?

    I have a few ideas and very confident they will sell due to me being in sales for 5+ years it's kind of my profession. These are just a few questions I have.

    Thank you

    Mardae Dean

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    Hi Dean,


    The first product launch should be more of a learning curve. The reason why I am suggesting you this is because it is my personal experience.

    You should first understand what is your strong point and what you like most on internet. Doing what you like and you are good at will increase you chance of a success.

    I recommend taking the time to do some research. Take the time to understand what niche will be good for you and you will understand better how to start.

    Usually, you should have a solution to 1 or more problems, I suggest finding the solution to 1 problem, then the rest will come. You will then understand what is your starting point.For every niche there is an associated road you can take.

    Let's say you have developed a course on how to lose weight --> 100 pages + 2 videos + 3 bonus ebooks + at least 1 OTO

    What are the steps to sell your course?

    1. Create sales page --> persuasive sales copy,make the user understand the benefits and how will the solution work

    2. Create affiliates page --> explain why your product is better and why should the affiliates promote your course ( I recommend 100% commissions on the frontend product ) Affiliates look for products that convert and generates them at least 100$ per sale.

    3. Chose where and how to market your course --> you might use clickbank, infusionsoft, paypal. Clickbank has a big affiliates database you could use, but you need to first get recognized as a quality marketer there.

    4. Launch --> This is the trickiest part. You could launch 100 digital products and make 2 sales in total or launch 1 product and make $500k. How to launch successfully is the main problem 90% of the marketers meet.

    In order to have a successful product launch, you need partners. Quality partners. In order to find quality partners for your launch,you need to find them and also you need to make sure that your course will generate sales. In order to generate sales you need a sales copy that converts. This is also a tricky part, as you will find lots of writers but only 1% are going to write a converting copy.

    What I suggest is to start researching your niche, pick it and then start building trust with marketers in the same niche. Doing it without partners to support your launch will be a failure in 97% of the situations.

    I hope I answered at least one of your questions, feel free to let me know if you need more details, I would be happy to help you Dean.

    10 years of marketing and still learning.Happy to help others too!

    Truth About Dentists - JV Today!

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    I'm not associated with this guy in any way, but for some really kickass copy you may want to check out the website below.

    He's not cheap, but if you're serious about your product and you have a decent price point or back end funnel, you know that the amount you could potentially generate from a higher converting sales page can quickly cancel out the cost of things you choose to outsource for your product/launch.

    I'm passionate about the BEST tools and resources.
    For a HUGE list of all the top tools, software and resources for Internet Marketers, visit IMSource.org

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    I could not agree more with the comments above. A crappy page with good converting copy is going to outsell the slick looking shiny website. There are some great books on the topic and probably some free training. Alex Jeffreys is a master if you can find a product from him on how to write copy.

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    Hey Mardae,

    I'm writing this to tell you not to quit. I hope you are subscribed to this thread to get updates, if not maybe it can help someone else. I can see that your trying to figure it all out, this journey can be a lonely one until that happens. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, you need to set goals to achieve them.

    The best illustration I can give would be to use myself as an example. A few months ago I new nothing about marketing except a few catch phrases like "The Money Is In the List" and "Content Is King." But I had one thing going for me, I am an avid reader. There came a day when I was like enough is enough already. I didn't know where to start but I was going to keep absorbing every piece of info I could until I could start connecting the dots. Then it happened, I came across the subject of "Sales Funnels." Once I started down that road there was no going back, I started to see how all the pieces fit together.

    Maybe your like me, maybe studying that subject will help someone else as well. I really hope it does.
    Sean Gareth

    Quality PLR Content Developer

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