Paul Clifford - KeywordXP - JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, October 7th 2014


Its Paul Clifford.. back with a new launch for KeywordXP.

This software that focuses on the 3 fundamentals of high volume traffic: Curiosity Gap Headline + High Volume Niche + Curated Content. This is how site like Upworthy get to 3.5 million uniques per day.

Paying $121 commission per saleProven funnel design for MAX EPCs.Multi-platform software.$10,000 JV Contest

Consistent track record

Our launches have consistently done double digit conversions and EPCs.

High converting product.

Its a Proven converter – Suitable for Amazon, Offline, SEO, Software, Plugin, CPA, Affiliates, Product Creators – it has it all.

We're big on Reciprocation.

You will have seen us hundreds of leaderboards and we'll continue to be..including yours as long as it fits.

Covers all niches.

We have 5 different angles to help you promote this.

We do the heavy lifting.

Pre-built bonus page and bonus's – Yes – bonuses sell...that's why we are doing the leg work for you.

We re-target and re-mail naked links – ensuring you maximize commissions.Everything focused on making this make money for you.

contact me direct with any questions.

Paul Clifford - KeywordXP - JV Invite