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Thread: Quickly Recruit More Affiliates Using the Power of Facebook Targeting

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    Talking Awesome Paul. Thanks. But does a newbie have a huge disadvantage?

    Thanks Paul. This is really great info!

    Although I've done a lot of JV partnerships, I worry that as a newbie to affiliate marketing, it'll be tough because people like you have a strong track record and offer thousands in prizes. Starting out now, I wonder if I have a huge disadvantage and no one will want to sell my products, even if they are converting strong sellers.

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    Thank you Paul for sharing those good tips. Your post just come in great time for me as I am looking for ways to find affiliates for my upcoming product launch.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaduva darius View Post
    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing this method. Actually, I was also using a very similar method to drive affiliates to my offers.

    Why I do not see in here is how actually get very cheap clicks. Now, as we all know ( almost all ), fb has a little algorithm that will increase or decrease your cpc based on how well the images perform ( between other things ). This means that the bigger the image ctr % is, the cheaper will your campaign be.

    Now, depending on you, increasing the image ctr can be a big headache. I have run several tests -->

    1. add red square around image --> usually increases ctr
    2. add green square --> increase ctr
    3. no words on the image --> increase ctr
    4. not focused text on the image --> decrease ctr
    5. too much text on image --> add not approved

    Also, guys, a really good method is shared in the Facebook Ads Cracked video course. I am not affiliated in any way with this product, it just made me understand better fb ads so maybe it will help others in here too.


    Thank you also Darius for adding your CTR tips.

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