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Thread: Newbie here asking for recommendations/tips/advices on product launch.

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    Smile Newbie here asking for recommendations/tips/advices on product launch.

    Hi all,

    This is the first time for me to launch an affiliate program formally and I need some help if I could gather some from fellow JVNP members. So thanks in advance.

    My situation is, my biz partner and I have created a high ticket investing infoproduct that will teach them how to invest in weekly options trading with highly success winning rate (please bear in mind this is totally different from binary options trading). Our track record goes all the way back from Oct 2010 until now, and it stands at 98% win rates. That makes our product very credible in this industry.

    We started our biz based on a monthly subscription service where people will autotrade with us and it has grown to be successful. Now we are looking into diversifying our service/product, and we came up with an infoproduct that will teach a customer, step by step how they can do the research, and execute the trade themselves.

    We did an internal launch within our subscribers and managed to close 20% of them, and we got some great feedback, hence we know that our easy to understand and execute infoproduct will be able to help thousands to do the same for themselves. We only closed 20% only because 80% of our subscribers are people who has got their day jobs to attend to and prefers to autotrade (and not do anything other than make weekly profits).

    Now that we have exhausted our internal list of people, and knowing that we can convert 1 in 5 phonecalls, we are looking for JVs who can reach out to our target audience.

    Our statistics tells us that our customers are predominantly male, between 30-65 years old, occupations ranging from professionals (lawyers, doctors, dentists, financial analysts/planner, wealth management managers), C-level executives and business owners. Their income level ranges from $120,000 and upwards. 90% of them invests in stocks and 10% of them only trades ETFs and options. All of them have at least $20,000 in their trading accounts at any one time trading our strategy.

    Additional information: Our strategy allows the customer to use their IRA to trade. Which is a very good selling point. - To grow their IRA, tax-free and able to compound their profits.

    Our sales funnel process was, traffic from search engine traffic and a handful of affiliates (they are options traders themselves), go thru our sales pages, and if they are interested in our proposition, we will request that John Mylant (my biz partner and brainchild of the strategy) give them a call and understand their situation and John will customize a trading plan for them and fit them into our program. That process gave us the following conversion rate. Out of 100 visits, 20 will submit their email, out of 20 that we call we will convert 4 into autotrading and 1 coaching package.

    What we would like to do is to change the sales funnel abit. Traffic from search engine + new affiliates/JVs, land on a single sale page, and do a purchase for our infoproduct. Removing the phonecall bit so that we will not be limited by a time capacity issue and we can really scale up the sales.

    Of course, as this is pretty new to me, and to be honest I think we can improve a lot more on the sales page, autoresponders, and the aesthetics of the infoproduct, I would like to ask experienced fellow JVNP members to give me some hot tips on what I need to focus or take note on to make it a good product launch to the external market, and also what we should realistically do to make find and nurture great partnership with our JVs/affiliates.

    Additional info:
    We have 2 choices for the same infoproduct. One which will include 2 (1-hour) Skype sessions with John selling at $1295 and the other choice is purely the infoproduct without Skype session at $895, and if the customer deems that they need to speak to John, they can then purchase the 2 (1-hour) sessions at $400 backend.

    Now, we aim to pay 30% commissions ($388.50 and $268.50), and I left the affiliate cookie to last 365 days since many years back.

    What can we improve on really? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    It sounds like a great product.

    Well, a good starting place would be to recruit some affiliates through here & also MunchEye. You could also try having an affiliate contest with lump size cash prizes for high performers.

    With regards to searching for possible JV partners, what i like to do is type this into the search engine "your niche/relevant topic" + JV leader board.

    YOu should then get some sites where you have other product leader boards where the top potential JV partners can be found.

    Once found, contact them & ask for if they would like to partner up with you for the launch. Make your emails concise & offer a generous incentive for them to say 'yes'!

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asif Aziz View Post


    With regards to searching for possible JV partners, what i like to do is type this into the search engine "your niche/relevant topic" + JV leader board.

    Great advice! I used to do this for the IM niche, but then I also realized I could find many JVs in other niches by using this simple trick.

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    Hey Allen,

    Truth be told you should expect to have to hustle a bit, especially in the beginning.

    It's best to contact affiliates personally. The way to do this quickly is to collect a list of people who might be
    interesting in promoting your product, create an excel file and create columns titled "name", "email", "skype", etc..

    And start contacting them! Make sure to personalize each email and not just copy and paste.

    Good luck!

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