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Thread: I need an advice..

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    Post I need an advice..

    Hi guys, i just launched my first ever product on ClickBank 2nd november. this is my product FB ADS PROS So far i just manage to sell a few copies via Facebook. I want to scale my product, but i don't have any experience doing that. I know need tons of affiliate and JV's but how i'm going to find them? and the launch is already passed.i am a newbie in this industry. Can anyone sincerely give an advice on this? appreciate it so much.

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    In order to gain affiliates and JV partners for your product, you need to offer good incentive. This means giving the affiliate a reason to promote your offer. Now i'm not sure what kind of product flow you have for your business, but it needs to be worth the affiliate promoting. For example a product paying $10 affiliate commission per sale is not good, the more the affiliate gets the better.

    Secondly in order to attract affiliates ensure your sales page is the best possible and you have tested conversions and EPC's. Affiliates and JV's want to see proven results before they do anything. Test the product yourself by driving traffic to the sales page and see the conversions if they are poor, then you need to improve and so on...

    All in all, give your partners a good reason most of the time this is done through a good $75 payout to affiliates per sale. Secondly have proven results, give your potential partners something to shout about. If they drive 10 people to the site and it converts 50% you want to show that! If it doesn't you need to change until you get a worth while EPC and conversion rate.

    I hope this helps, slightly the area is large and vast and takes time to clue yourself up about. Just carry on learning and if you don't give up you will eventually succeed

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    You can get affiliates in a number of ways:

    - find forums & blog posts and start contributing! Offer helpful advice & have a link to your affiliates page in your signature box. (Don't draw attention to this link in your comments!)

    - Advertise your JV product launch here!

    - Also advertise your launch on Munch Eye.

    - Make your affiliates page stand out by having an affiliates contest as well as commission. Give your affiliates a cash incentive!

    - Include your affiliates link in your email follow ups to your subscribers. Get your customers to sell your product for you & have them earn a commission by doing so.

    That should be a good start!

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    1. Tap into your existing network. Your subscribers, customers and site visitors (even if they are few) should be the first contacts you make in recruiting affiliates for your program.

    2. Submit your program to affiliate directories. You’ll want to get your program listed in as many of the affiliate program directories as possible.

    3. Use an affiliate program announcement service. If you have the budget to support it, an easy way to speed up the affiliate program submission process is to use an affiliate program announcement service to make the submissions on your behalf.

    4. Post to an affiliate program announcement forum. There are affiliate program forums where you can “announce” your affiliate program for all visiting affiliates to see.

    5. Search ezine article directories. You’ll find that ezine article writers can be great affiliates because usually they are marketers. That’s the primary reason why people write and distribute ezine articles.

    6. Look in blog directories for active bloggers. Look for active bloggers who have blogs related to your product topic and approach them for potential affiliate partnership.

    7. Attend conferences to make personal contact. You’ll find that some of your best affiliates come from personal introductions at these conferences.

    8. Interact at affiliate marketing forums. There are dozens of affiliate marketing forums – many of them with a lot of traffic – where you can interact

    9. Join available partner networks. One I can think of right off the top of my head is JVNotifyPro.com. (Just had to put that in)

    10. Buy advertisements in affiliate newsletters. Look for high quality affiliate newsletters (Ex. AssociatePrograms.com) and purchase classified ads (and/or solo mailings, if available) in these publications to advertise your affiliate program.

    Here are just 10 ideas on where or how you can find affiliates to promote your product. I'm sure I could come up with more ideas.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim

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    Here is a simple and scalable way to find quality affiliates using your fb account.

    1. Make sure your offer converts --> you do not want to find affiliates that will promote your offer for a short time,send a lot of traffic and find out that your offer sucks.

    2. Find fb pages in the same niche ( you will find plenty for almost any niche )

    3. Send the page a message ( also look at the pages details for the email of the page admin). Let them know who you are, what is your level of experience in the niche --> you should be an expert, and let them know that you have a business opportunity. Let them know your sales page, your conversions, your epc, backend offers and link them to the affiliate page.


    10 years of marketing and still learning.Happy to help others too!

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