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Thread: Question about JV borker.

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    Question about JV borker.


    I'm pretty new in the "launch" and "JV" world and I have this simple question;

    How long before my launch I need to find/contact JV broker?

    I think I screwed up this detail. :S

    Thank you

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    Mathieu I am also a newbie. However my suggestion would be to start the process at least 1 month earlier.

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    Matt, Bilal is right ... if you're going to use a JV Broker to connect you with potential JV/Affiliate Partners, you're going to want to begin that process at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to launching. Proven Partners are likely going to be booked, mailing schedule wise, at least a month in advance ... and you're going to need time to both prove you and your JV Offer worthy of support, while at the same time qualifying them through personal and timed interval broadcast contact. That is why I recommend that JV/Affiliate network building be done as a regular part of your daily business ... not just going into launch phase, so time is not an added pressure.


    Mike Sr

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