Guitar Scales E-book - Lead Guitar Rock Scales - JV Invite
Launch Day: Sunday, July 21st 2013

John Tahan was the former lead guitar player and backgroupd vocalist of the 80's heavy metal group called TZAR. The group Tzar was formed in the early 1980's , this group was a family affair : Peter Tahan was the lead singer,bass player and songwriter of the group , Frank Tahan was the leader of the group and vocalist, guitar player, he also wrote 3 songs on the album.

John Tahan was the ever so versatile and hot guitar player writing all the lead material on the album, John was also doing vocals, Guy Morin was named the (animal)because of his hard hitting style on the drums. The group TZAR toured extensively in Canada and the U.S. playing in concert halls and famous metal clubs.

The group split up in the late 1980's to pursue other endeavors and single careers in the music business.

The course is about learning how to master your guitar fretboard, the E-book was created for beginners and intermediate players wanting to improve their skills by learning the pentatonic rock scales, learning how to master them, use them in general soloing and writing creative guitar solos.

It's a brand new product with an outstanding sales page with video and nice graphics and lead guitar solo samples from the Players of the game album from TZAR.

A 60% commission is offered with a nice affiliate page with plenty of marketing material.

Guitar Scales E-book - Lead Guitar Rock Scales - JV Invite