Old Tree Publishing - Forex Profit Model - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, April 22nd 2013

Do not miss the biggest launch so far this year

The launch of Forex Profit Model has more momentum
behind it at this point then any launch we've ever

The webinars, the comments, the social media… it's all
pointing to one thing… a monster of a launch.

But that shouldn't surprise us because Josh Schultz is
so well-known in Forex circles as the "go to guy". He has
helped so many traders over the years become profitable
that they are already asking for his system.

He runs the biggest Forex forums on the planet. He's a
known expert and one heck of a nice guy.

Traders have been loving his webinars because
they are all content and the meat in them is working
for them and starting a feeding frenzy.

They know that if Josh says this is the system to own,
then it's the one to own.

On launch day they will be waiting with CC in

Old Tree Publishing - Forex Profit Model - JV Invite

And a nice big piece of what goes on that CC
is all yours.

Affiliates are already clambering on board.

Here's the thing, this one is going to sell out fast,
real fast. That means moolah in your pocket fast.

Our last few launches were complete sellouts, one of
them sold out in just 24 hours.

Forex Profit Model is the perfect commission generating

- We are sending the social media into orbit.
- We are hitting them with a barrage of pre-launch
training and materials that they are going to love.
- We have a known spokesperson for the product
that traders trust.
- By launch day, Josh will be dodging the
Paparazzi... again.
-The value of the product is such that it could be
sold for $1999.

We are offering a product worthy of a big price tag
...for just $499 which our last few launches proved
is the right price point for the market, with $150
heading your way for each sale.

-It is a Clickbank product so you know you are going
to get your commissions on time - every time.

Old Tree Publishing - Forex Profit Model - JV Invite