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Thread: Question on JV Invite Pages

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    Question on JV Invite Pages


    I am a brand new Newb here, so please go easy on me.

    I just joined JVnotify, and I wanted to ask about the JV Invite pages on some of the new launches. When I've gone to them, and have wanted to ask permission to promote...some have asked for my Affiliate ID.

    DOES JVnotify give members an affiliate ID? If so, where do I find mine?

    (Might be a dumb question, but I've gotta ask it.)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hey! Don't worry everyone starts out as a Newbie!

    But When You click on the link and the description opens they tell you who the payment processor is

    ( i.e click-bank, click-sure, jv-zoo)

    and once you find one you want to promote, go to THAT processor website and sign up for free!

    (i.e clickbank.com, clicksure.com)

    when you first sign-up they will ask you to create your own custom Affiliate-id

    and THAT is the id you sign up with...

    makes sense??
    Best Regards,


    PS: don't forget to give a Thumbs up :]

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    Really great post, I always keep track of your post, it helped me a lot.
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    Thanks for following up, Deon ..

    Though JVNP 2.0/JVNW does have it's own affiliate program (through ClickBank), as mentioned ... each respective launch + affiliate program announced is run by an independent Merchant, potentially using one of a number of different affiliate tracking options. Merchants will almost always let you know whether you can use an existing account user name, or need to create a new account.


    Mike Sr

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