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Thread: Kay - VetsBills JV Invite

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    Kay - VetsBills - JV Invite

    Kay - VetsBills - JV Invite
    Launch Day: Friday, February 8th 2013

    Do you want to earn serious money in an untapped marketplace? If this is you keep reading....

    Affiliates and Partners required NOW to promote an amazing pet niche product called VetsBills.

    VetsBills is brought to you by a team of internet marketers who have generated millions in sales. These sales over recent times have been in the IM market.

    Last year the decision was took to focus on a developing a digital product in the Pet Niche.

    After 8 months of work and with the assistance of veterinary professionals we are proud to announce the VetsBills affiliate program will be launching very soon.


    …. little snippets of all promotional material and support available to you to earn a whopping 75% commission a sale!

    If you’ve been looking for a product to promote that has:
    • Cartoon scribes to collect data and sell the product
    • Free videos to warm up your links
    • Numerous free gifts
    • Webinars
    • Follow up email sequnces
    • Affiliate tracking all the way through
    • A number of upsells, downsells and recurring payment options

    The VetsBills affiliate program is it!

    VetsBills is the smart place for pet owners looking to save money on their vets bills.

    Veterinary professionals have put together a complete online package for pet owners that teaches them how to save money and improve their pets health.

    This includes:
    • Over 60 tutorial videos
    • Online courses
    • Daily pet care programs
    • And so much more.
    As an affiliate you have the opportunity to earn $40 a sale in a marketplace that has never seen anything like this before….

    To be the first to join this amazing affiliate program and see first hand what marketing tools are available: Kay - VetsBills - JV Invite

    The pet niche has never seen anything like this before meaning you could earn yourself a fortune promoting VetsBills.

    75% commissions available all the way through the sales process!

    Kay - VetsBills - JV Invite
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    Kay VetsBills "VetsBills is provided to you by a team of internet marketeers who have generated millions in sales"


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    Pls. send information to dogtrainingonline@hotmail.com

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