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Thread: Excited About FB Marketing BUT Don't Know How To Promote Your Site On A Fan Page??

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    Excited About FB Marketing BUT Don't Know How To Promote Your Site On A Fan Page??


    If you're sick and tired of wasting a lot of money on hiring
    software developers and programmers, not knowing how you
    could easily integrate your website into your fan page or not
    knowing how exactly you should go about promoting your
    business on facebook, then my assistance might be the most
    important source of information and help that you ever get

    I am happy to show you how to:

    a) promote your website through your facebook fan page by
    creating and adding an iframe app or tab to your fan page that
    somebody can click on to get immediately taken to your website,
    video, show, contest or anything else that you want to promote

    b) attract as many new fans as possible by using the right facebook
    marketing techniques based on delivering the right kind of content
    that can instantly get you lot of likes, comments and shares

    b) avoid the fatal mistakes when creating and adding your
    cover photo and your profile picture to your fan page because
    of which facebook has the right to remove or delete your fan
    page overnight even if you've already got 2,000,000 fans

    So, if you need an assistance with any of the above mentioned tasks
    and challenges, I suggest that you first email me your brief introductory
    message with the subject line "JVNotifyPro: Fan Page Assistance" at
    bruno.babic.hr@gmail.com and also connect with me on Skype.
    My Skype ID is: bruno.bb100

    Thank you.

    Bruno Babic
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