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Thread: Mr. Virgin here

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    Mr. Virgin here

    Hi I am Wesley Virgin and I am new to the industry. I am looking to build relationships with you guys to learn more so I can be successful in the internet marketing space as well. Man!! it is so hard to find people willing to help you out but I will keep trying until someone helps me out. I have some free content that I will like to giveaway to JV's, it is my Hell On Ab 30 Day Program. Where do I go to post the information about my free giveaway?

    Master Virtual Trainer Wes

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    Hi Wes,

    You're in the right place and doing the right things already. My suggestion to you would be to make up a squeeze page to collect JV emails and put them on an exclusive list and treat these people well as they could promote your other products. At the same time, have another squeeze page for the fitness freebie seekers and keep them fed on a diet of good information and occasional promotional material.

    If you need help setting up pages, building an email list or anything else, I would be more than willing to get you started.


    Steven Lucas

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